The annual WHISTLEBLOWERS SUMMIT – normally in DC but this year it will be held virtually – has begun!
Every year, we are most anxious for Marti Oakley’s panel on guardianship abuse. This year MARTI’S PANEL WILL BE WEDNESDAY, 7/28 AT HIGH NOON EST! The virtual event is free but you must register to view it. A video showing how to REGISTER and access the various panels is at this URL:
Here’s a summary of what Marti’s panel will be discussing: Guardianship Abuses (T.S. Network)
“We will discuss the Guardianship system, the legal and psychological abuse the victim is subjected to, and what changes are needed. The legislation that has passed along with pending legislation both national and international guardianship issues. We will discuss the predatory nature of guardianship and the prosecution of the predators. Many do not know that Guardianship is the loss of all legal capacity. It is now coming to the public’s attention with the recent Britney Spears case. But this has been an ongoing issue for decades. And our panel of advocates and victims has been at the forefront of seeking justice for well over a decade.
In coordination with the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA) we have contributed to legislation, met with senators and representatives, and publicly exposed the issues for more than a decade via the radio shows and numerous articles and multiple web pages. We are now actively working with groups internationally who are encountering the same issues and we are forming a global coalition. We have created a platform for those victimized, their families and friends, to give them a voice.”
Marti Oakley, Activist and advocate on issues of guardianship abuse;
Marsha Joiner, Family member of abuse victim;
Christine (Kris) Dallas, with the Australian Association to STOP Guardianship & Administration Abuse (AASGAA);
Coz Whitten-Skaife, Family member of abuse victim; and
Mary Witten, Liaison for the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA)