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“Of all that happens in probate tribunals, the most disgusting has to be the forcing of the victim to pay for the actions of the predators. Everyone who comes against the victim is allowed to bill the estate for the attack.”


This is no time to grow old in this country, especially if you have property and other liquid assets. Roaming freely in the general population are predators whose only purpose is preying upon elderly individuals who can then be abducted, isolated and robbed blind.

Trafficking the elderly for profit is far more lucrative than working a regular old job. You simply have to have a lack of morals, integrity, sympathy, empathy and any sense of decency and you too can be a professional guardian.

It is estimated that 1.5 million individuals have currently fallen victim to this predatory system here in the U.S.. This number of victims has been chronically sighted as far back as 2015 by numerous sources, but I personally believe todays number of wards is far, far higher. The intentional refusal of state and federal agencies to admit and/or collect these statistics is to facilitate the ongoing attacks on the elderly in the hopes of reducing their numbers significantly. It is also a massive transfer of wealth from the vulnerable to predators who refer to themselves as professional guardians and attorneys, but who are, in fact, nothing more than professional parasites.

The National Center for State Courts estimates that only 1.3 million adults currently live under this legal and abusive system with guardians controlling an estimated $50 billion in assets that will all be transferred from the victims to the guardians and attorneys. This transfer of assets will continue until the estate is totally drained. The Government Accountability Office [GAO] has put a few programs in place to help track the financial exploitation taking place, but GAO steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the proliferation of professional guardians who most often are the perpetrators of exploitation. Instead they focus on family or community members who, while at times are the perpetrators, are far, far fewer in numbers than the professionals who stalk the system.

Each year it is estimated that $50 to $100 billion in assets are seized using the guardianship/conservator system.

As a way of creating plausible deniability, the federal government claims that guardianship is state’s business and therefore they do not collect stats or other information regarding guardianships. I find this strange as they have their tennacles in most everything else in the states. Within the states, many claim they do not have the funds to collect statistics. They do however have funds for any number of idiotic ideas that seem to always benefit those precious “stakeholders”. You know…those corporate interests who plan to profit at the expense of the public.

How to abduct the elderly

Guardianship/conservatorship is used to strip an individual of their legal capacity. Legal capacity is literally, the right to your own identity as a living and breathing human being. The predator now assumes the identity and is allowed to transact all business using the victims name; using the assumed name and presenting themselves as the victim. The right to contract (legal agency) is attached to legal capacity. Without any Constitutional protections, the victim is subjected to extreme inhumane tribunal ordered abuse. They are not allowed to speak (after all, they no longer exist under the law). These tribunals were established specifically to allow the predators to engage in human trafficking, operating under an unconstitutional construct meant to deprive them not only of their identity and assets, but also their humanity.

This is the definition of human bondage and servitude.

While this predatory system runs in full view of the public, state and federal representatives and senators turn a blind eye to it. The silence from government, both state and federal is a testament to their complicity. As long as they do not interfer in the ongoing abductions and estate thefts, the “donations” to their re-election campaigns can be counted on. These come from various BAR associations, professional guardian groups, and others who hide their insidious activity behind ubiquitous sounding names meant to make the viewer believe they are of good purpose.

While our elected officials refuse to take action to not only limit or fully stop this system, they do however on occasion, promote bills with wonderful sounding titles that would make one think they are sincere in their efforts. And, while there may be a few things in the bills that would benefit the abductees, hidden in the lengthy texts is language that will not only further harm them, but will also exacerbate the issues. But you aren’t supposed to actually read the bill; at least they hope you don’t.

Of Human Servitude and Bondage

There is little in probate tribunals that could be described as due process. Many times hearings are held and plenary guardianships are granted with out the victim even being notified of the hearing, much less allowed to attend. They only find out after the fact. To further cement the theft of their life and assets, the examiner fires any personal attorneys and doctors, and assigns attorneys and doctors who routinely work with that tribunal. Every unconstitutional predatory act is facilitated and implemented by the hearing examiners. Every possible thing that transpires does so only because the examiner orders it. In addition to the lack of due process, probate tribunals do not have to adhere to the rules of evidence nor the code of civil procedures. These are not civil or criminal courts supposedly ruled by the law. These are tribunals especially created to remove the victim from the protection of the law and subject them to statutes, codes and regulations erected by the very people preying on them.

Of all that happens in probate tribunals, the most disgusting has to be the forcing of the victim to pay for the actions of the predators. Everyone who comes against the victim is allowed to bill the estate for the attack. Even the hearing examiner receives from 2-6% of the value of the estate each and every time a motion is brought before the tribunal. The percentage is based upon specific state allowances.

Once a hearing examiner or ministerial clerk masquerading as “judge” grants the petition for guardianship, any pre-existing legal instruments such as estate planning, trusts, wills or other preparations, are routinely “set aside”. This means that they are discarded to allow the guardian to plunder the estate at will. Probate examiners do not have to have a law back ground in most cases.

I firmly believe that every single attorney or law firm selling estate planning to avoid guardianship or conservatorship, should be sued for fraud. Each and every one of them knows that the estate plans are worthless once in probate, but the database they create selling these fraudulent set-ups is worth its weight in gold.

Through probate tribunals and what is euphemistically referred to as “family” court, we have been com modified. Victims are many times referred to as “units”, “merchandise” or other inanimate objects.

We are bought, sold and traded for profit, our state and federal governments fully aware of the abusive system of bondage in place. The silence from these elected individuals is deafening. Far worse than the silence is the behind the scenes efforts to keep the system operating, unimpeded by those elected to represent the public.


Definition of bondage

1 : the tenure or service of a villein, a serf, or an enslaved person

2 : a state of being bound usually by compulsion (as of law or mastery): such as

a : captivity, serfdom

b : servitude or subjugation to a controlling person or force