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Hosted by Marti Oakley with Coz Skaife


Join us tonight as Melanie Myers, the former executive Assistant to Joann Bashinsky, the Golden Flake heiress tells the story of her time working with and for Ms. Bashinsky.  Melonie will tell of her first hand experience as the predators moved in to conserve Ms.Bashinsky and the nightmare that ensued as a result.

Melonie will also be speaking to the epidemic of guardianship and conservatorships taking place in Alabama and across the nation.  What can be done to reform the system and how can listeners get involved and protect their loved ones from guardianship abuse?  

As families and friends across the country witness the abduction of the elderly, particularly those with assets, our governments both state and federal turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the epidemic.  Government is fully aware of the abduction under false pretenses, the false imprisonment in warehouses called nursing homes, the isolation, forced drugging and other abuses taking place at the hands of these professional predators called guardians, trustees and attorneys.  Yet they sit silent while this elder holocaust takes place. 

Apparently since the public is unable to donate tens of thousands of dollars to campaigns as the predators do, we have no representation.