Australian Association to Stop Guardianship & Admin Abuse (AASGAA)

Tuesday March 23, 2021 at 7:00 CST

(Wednesday morning in Australia)

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Hosted by Marti Oakley And Coz Skaife


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Join Marti and Coz this evening as Kris from Australian Association to Stop Guardianship & Admin Abuse (AASGAA) joins the show to update on the accelerated attacks on the elderly and children in Australia. People are targeted, kidnapped, drugged, and left to wither away in institutions where they are isolated and neglected.  All the while the money rolls in.  Estates are plundered, and government programs pay most of the bills while the guardians add to their personal bank accounts.

Recent media coverage in Australia has exposed the ugly business of guardianship and the cost to individuals and families.  All of it created, sanctioned and funded by government.  Just as here in the U.S., government is fully aware of how insidious this system is, after all they created it and have no intentions of stopping it.

How many of our elderly will suffer?  How many families will be tormented and bankrupted fighting this system?  How many of our elderly will be sacrificed to this system of human trafficking for profit while politicians pretend they didn’t know what was happening?