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Guest will be: Debbie Dahmer– Creator to AMEND Changes on Fl HB 6065– Daughter of George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler Chief White Owl of WWF/WWE (Deceased) -Victim of Wrongful Death.

TOPIC:  How you can Help & Support FL HB 6065 & FL SB 1880 Punitive Damages and the current status on provisions


George was diagnosed in 2nd nursing home: May-2008:(1) Lost 32 lbs in 2 months (2) Dehydration (3) Malnutrition (4) Both Rotary Caps turned (the staff dropped him and didn’t notify family till 4 days later) (5) Over-medicated (6) Lost Clothes (7) Severely Under-Staffed (8) The nursing home had no doctors on site 24/7 (9) Decubitus Ulcers on both heels of his feet from putting wrong size shoes on him- At later date in hospital they wanted to amputate both feet. (10) Bed Sores Stage 4 that led to his horrific death.      

My wonderful mother Pat Dahmer WON the Compensatory damages in Nov-2012. The nursing home was found “GUILTY” on all charges of Wrongful Death and Falsifying Records.The nursing home appealed the Punitive Damages 3 times and lost. My mother was notified in (7 years later) June-2015 and Mandated to pay 50% of the Punitive Damages awarded by Jury to Help Improve The Quality of Care in Nursing Homes.. This was never brought up to the Jury, The Judge, Attorney, My family, etc on the 50% of Punitive Damages going to the Trust Fund..Myself and my family feel we have been fined and penalized for my father’s death.      

REF:If your loved one dies in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living from abuse & neglect that leads to their Death and the Jury awards Plaintiff Punitive Damages-The Plantiff will then be MANDATED to pay 50% of the Punitive Damages awarded by the jury to Help Improve the Quality of Care In Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facilities.


All we are asking for is Total Justice. We were not found Guilty of my father’s death, the Nursing Home was. My mother shouldn’t have to pay for preventable deadly mistakes made by the nursing home or should she? The elderly should get the best quality of care not poor care.. 

Myself and my family are looking for Total Justice in this critical issue and Hope you can help by Calling or Email your State Rep and State Senators >> (202) 224-3121 Give your zip code >> Ask to speak to your State Rep and ask them to Please Support HB 6065 and Please contact your State Senator and ask them to Please Support SB 1880. You can use this article for a ref and feel free to share it for more support.it. The more Active Action Takers the Better. The Dahmer Family highly appreciates your help and support. It’s been 12 1/2 years since my father’s death . May my father George Dahmer RIP. We Love and miss him everyday.


This is my 4th time getting the House Bill into legislation and hope and pray it passes this time.. 


HB 6065https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/6065

GENERAL BILL by Mariano – Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund:  Removes provisions requiring portion of punitive damages awarded for certain claims relating to nursing homes & assisted living facilities to be deposited into Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund. Effective Date: 7/1/2021 Last Action: 3/2/2021 House – 1st Reading (Original Filed Version)


Last Action: 2/22/2021 House – Now in Civil Justice & Property Rights Subcommittee https://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Committees/committeesdetail.aspx?CommitteeId=3097 Click on the State Reps name and it will lead you to their Web Page >> PRESS CONTACT MEMBER >> Contact them by Phone or Email. Ask the State Rep to Please SUPPORT and Vote “YES” to HB 6065 – AMENDMENT OF PUNITIVE DAMAGE AWARDS GOING TO TRUST FUND BY THE PLAINTIFF
Bill Text:PDF


SB 1880: Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/1880

GENERAL BILL by Rodrigues https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/s27

Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund; Removing provisions requiring that a portion of the punitive damages awarded for claims brought under part II of ch. 400, F.S., relating to nursing homes, and part I of ch. 429, F.S., relating to assisted living facilities, be deposited into the Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund, etc.

Effective Date: 7/1/2021
Last Action: 2/26/2021 Senate – Filed

Florida Statutes:

400.0238 Punitive damages; limitation. Page 1 (PDF)
400.0239 Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund. Page 2 (PDF)
429.298 Punitive damages; limitation.

George Dahmer “Chief White Owl” (WWF) Abuse & neglect & Death https://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley/2014/02/17/george-dahmer-chief-white-owl-wwf-abuse-neglect-death

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