Author,  Chuck Frank


FULL LENGTH - Global New World Order Government Through ...

Let us begin by setting the record straight with regard to Black Lives Matter, Cancel Culture, Political Correctness, seeds of racial hatred and reverse discrimination.

“Cancel Culture “gradually became a term that reflects various maladies such as taking historical facts and deleting them for the purpose of indoctrination while creating a society that has no record of its past whether it is good or evil.  But then, the renegade architects of this newly fashioned freedom-less world backfires into a dark dehumanized dystopian nightmare to where movies such as Gone With The Wind, and Walt Disneys historical and compassionate movie Song Of The South are banned in a politically correct world but “gangster rap” is acceptable and violent movies flood the nation while desensitizing the population and the world.

Taking this to the next level are major issues that have come to the surface with Black Lives Matter.  There remains a lot of favor by certain people for the movement as long as there is football and basketball in the mix. Also, BLM appeals to many universities and employers when quotas are needed to be met. But for the record, BLM was founded as a Marxist organization as being an agenda used by those who are interested in moving the country into a faceless New World Order and far away from traditional norms, religion and Nationalistic philosophy, but then finally turns our Republic into a one world government, yet surely not for the “common good” of humanity while a rogue government becomes supreme and a cult rises to the surface and is then elevated as being like a god.  It will be the ultimate of canceling culture and ushering in all of the seeds of destruction that comes with the final quest.

Lest the people miss this new blueprint and counter this endgame, there will be no rights or freedom while the U.S. Constitution, elections, and the people will be thrown out as dust in the wind and then seen as a disease to be reckoned with as depopulation kicks in.  The Philosopher Kings will then step up to the plate and will chart the course and will rule for decades to come as “saviors” of the world.  No thanks.  I’ll pass on that one.

For the record, the NWO is a huge step backwards, however, that is the direction that the EU, Canada, and the U.S. is sadly gravitating to while China is already there.  The ultimate agenda is being accomplished in many ways starting with indoctrination in the government schools, the mainstream media, fear, climate change, pandemics, biological warfare and other calamities that are being worked up in order to sell an entire package of necessity and togetherness while ringing in the family of Man by being pushed into a world order to deal with the “end of the world”, so to speak.  And who will know best how to do that?  It will be the leaders among the countries who with a consensus among themselves, will choose the one and only path and tyrant that goes along with the NWO.  And what would that be like in a world where there is no input from “we the people?” Well, just look around and take notice and learn from what happened at Tiananmen Square  in China when the not so free people protested against
their own tyrannical government.  It didn’t turn out so well.  Actually, it never turns out period when there are so many obstacles that a person faces in a politically correct Marxist world when the people have no vote and no right to protest.  Even Russia just had another huge protest a few weeks ago because Lord KGBPutin has been in power for 20 years.

And where does this all take us…to the Members Only club?  America is now under attack by various groups while also including members in Congress and members in State Legislatures which adhere more and more to a very
undemocratic Marxist theology combined with a ruling elite that knows no bounds.  Many of these politicos in office, including various Governors who are part of the same club are sold out to dismantling America.

Where is the resistance?