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Terri LaPoint, publisher of Real News Spark joins us this evening to discuss her recent article on the guardianship of Joann Bashinsky

“Joann Bashinsky was well-known for her selfless generosity and philanthropy. She was heiress to the sizable Golden Flake potato chips fortune. She had fame, fortune, friends, and a good heart. Yet, none of that was enough to protect her from becoming still another victim of elder abuse via the manipulation of guardianship and conservatorship laws. Sadly, she spent her final year and a half on earth fighting a fierce battle for the simplest thing — control over her own life.”

No one is safe from these predators called “guardians” and their companions; immoral and unethical attorneys.  And probate hearing examiners, or ministerial clerks who pass them selves off as “judges” should be included in these penalties.

Join us to discuss this case.  We will also be discussing needed legislation which should include severe penalties for preying on the elderly for profit.