Author; Chuck Frank

Africa, African, Animal, Elephant

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey closed their doors a few years ago after there was an outcry with regard to the subject of cruelty to animals. And after the Ringleader’s curtain had been lifted, the “elephant in the room” took major precedence in the matters of the circus.

But the show must go on shouted Ringleader and the crowds cheered greatly at the riding of the elephant and watching all of the clowns which had been a major attraction and endless entertainment for  a great many years.

Hold on America, we have a new elephant in the room and this elephant tends to be an enormous topic that somehow, magically disappears year after year from the mainstream media’s nightly news charade, all the while allowing endless government corruption of an immense proportion as “we the people” are no longer represented in an election and hundreds of millions of dollars in sweet deals and kickbacks go unchecked among the politico
higher ups in Washington D.C.  And, in spite of Congressional investigations into the corrupt FISA court, the FBI, the DOJ and and various other sinister government individuals, they hide behind a curtain of secrecy which remains forever and a day in Washington D.C., while no one within the deep state ever goes to jail. 

There are many Congressmen and women who know about the endless federal corruption but do nothing about it.  Yet, for these that know are still part of the sinister machinery and stand guilty for not reporting it themselves being accomplices to the corruption.  Even Judge Judy rightly called out William Barr as being part of the Deep State. Therefore, a total house cleaning in government is long overdue.  Plus, how long must we allow legislators, House Representatives, and Senators to be reelected forever when a corruption in government is everywhere? If the people do not demand a new elective process, America will finally stripped of the Bill of Rights without a shot being fired?  We’re almost there.

As of today, in the month of February 2021, a very divided Congress remains a cesspool of hatred and infighting that is built upon the desire for power and the love of money, while certain members of both parties hide their illegal millions in offshore bank accounts.  For starters, during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI, the financial arm of the Vatican Bank in 2012, money laundering was called out and exposed by various journalists and a book written by Italian Journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi revealing a hotbed of corruption beyond one’s imagination!  And the Pope’s butler, who recently died was a major player himself.

So, comparatively, when Congress is in session, the show must go on, and while the circus continues to mount, the major performers will state their cases.  But sadly the clowns will shed only a tear while we the people will lend an ear to an ongoing scandalous session and season of what is now considered as the “least” of the greatest shows on earth.

As for the elephant in the room, there will be no fanfare nor will there be any reference to it.  Its relevance shall wither away just as the secular and tyrannical Communist State does every time.  And when the people finally see the torch being held by the Statue of Liberty on the verge of going out, it will then be too late.  America, this is your last warning.  Our country is now in a do or die mode.  The darkness is already upon us and only your hope and your faith will set us free.