Action alert for the wild buffalo of Yellowstone

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From Buffalo Field Campaign:

Special Alert! Take Action!

Kill the Bills: HB 318 and HB 302, Not the Buffalo

Buffalo Field Campaign is appealing to all of our supporters to send messages against HB 318 and HB 302 to kill the bills – not the buffalo – in the Montana Legislature.   You can watch the action on both bills in the House Agriculture committee at 3 PM (MST) Tuesday, February 16.  

HB 318 changes the legal definition of wild buffalo or bison – redefining the wild, migratory Yellowstone bison herds as domestic or feral.  Under HB 318, wild buffalo would no longer be recognized as wild, and the wildlife species would – by definition – be extinct in Montana.  HB 318 would also stop the reintroduction of wild buffalo because the legal definition precludes the species from ever being recognized as wild.

HB 302 interferes with Montanan’s constitutional right to participate in decisions to reintroduce wild buffalo by giving a board of county commissioners veto authority over the state’s decision.   Reintroducing wildlife is the responsibility of wildlife biologists entrusted with ensuring wild American bison, our National Mammal, are protected for future generations.

Please send a message against HB 318 and HB 302 to all members of the the House Agriculture committee online. On Montana’s web form, under Send Message to*, select Committees, then (H) Agriculture.  Montana’s web form permits messages from anyone in the United States.

You can find BFC’s talking points on HB 318 and HB 302 on our Buffalo Bill Tracker page. Watch & listen live to the hearing online at 3PM (MST) Tuesday, February 16.


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Author; Chuck Frank

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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey closed their doors a few years ago after there was an outcry with regard to the subject of cruelty to animals. And after the Ringleader’s curtain had been lifted, the “elephant in the room” took major precedence in the matters of the circus.

But the show must go on shouted Ringleader and the crowds cheered greatly at the riding of the elephant and watching all of the clowns which had been a major attraction and endless entertainment for  a great many years.

Hold on America, we have a new elephant in the room and this elephant tends to be an enormous topic that somehow, magically disappears year after year from the mainstream media’s nightly news charade, all the while allowing endless government corruption of an immense proportion as “we the people” are no longer represented in an election and hundreds of millions of dollars in sweet deals and kickbacks go unchecked among the politico
higher ups in Washington D.C.  And, in spite of Congressional investigations into the corrupt FISA court, the FBI, the DOJ and and various other sinister government individuals, they hide behind a curtain of secrecy which remains forever and a day in Washington D.C., while no one within the deep state ever goes to jail.  More

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