Marti Oakley


And the “sh#*s” getting deep!

You would think that any person with any sense of self worth and pride would be far too ashamed to position themselves in front of a camera and with a straight face, begin reading the carefully crafted script in front of them and not throw it down in disgust and walk away. But every night without exception or conscience, these paid actors dutifully read from their prepared scripts and shovel loads of propaganda out into the public.

Last night and again today, it was reported on MSM that 25 million people have been infected with this fictional virus here in the U.S.. And just exactly how did they come up with this piece of fabricated news that is so far out there? The CDC and Dr Fraudski (Fauci) have admitted that the PCR test regularly returns a 95% rate of false positives……so where did the 25 million come from and the claimed 400,000 deaths that supposedly resulted from this infection?

Maybe the bigger question is, what did those claimed 400,000 dead people actually die of? Was it “co-morbidities”? Were they simply assumed to have Covid and so left without necessary medical treatment for chronic illnesses? Too many questions and too few legitimate answers. There are two things we do know for sure.

  1. They are desperate to rid the population of the elderly and chronically ill. And,
  2. There is a huge financial payoff tied to that diagnosis of “with Covid” or, “of Covid”.

After admitting that they hadn’t actually identified any virus they somehow developed a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine, to immunize the population against a virus they claim they cannot isolate or actually identify using standard protocols. So what are they actually wanting to inject into your body? And what is it actually going to do to you? Oh! Wait! All the previous postings about not actually isolating the virus have mysteriously and magically disappeared from the web! Imagine that! Now, there are pages and pages of special reports making all kinds of spurious claims about how the virus was isolated….only it never has been.

A pre planned shortage of vaccines

Nothing is more satisfying to the genocidal creeps behind all of this than creating a false impression that somehow there is a shortage of these magic vaccines. Stocks of vaccines have been with held supposedly for shot #2, and having people schedule themselves to be jabbed and then being turned away is working wonders for the fear porn industry and their associated pharmaceutical drug pushers.

As long as they can convince you that you might not be able to get poisoned, excuse me, I mean vaccinated against this questionable virus, you will fight to be first in line for whatever they want to inject into you.

Presently, the world’s citizens are lining up to take COVID-19 vaccines marketed by different sovereign governments as life-saving prophylactics against a deadly disease. People are being asked, strongly coerced, and highly pressured to receive an untested, unproven, experimental drug that has already injured, maimed, and killed many human beings who were previously healthy and exhibited no signs of illness whatsoever.” Quote from Dr. John Reizer

These few things aside, I still wonder what it is that people are actually succumbing to. Knowing our governments propensity for lying to the public about virtually everything, my response to all that is happening is that this is a carefully planned culling of the population. The elderly and the chronically ill have been determined to be a disposable waste population and one they intend to thin out as much as possible. My personal opinion is that this virus is the cover story for mass euthanasia of those the government has decided need to go. Apparently hospice and your local hospital and doctors weren’t moving fast enough in dispensing with those who no longer can be counted as human capital. And helping them to sell this genocide as some sort of pandemic that just mysteriously appeared and covered the globe in record time is just the latest story.

No one hates and fears the American public as much as our own government does. And it makes no difference which political party is in the White House.

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