During the tyrannical German reign of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime’s book burnings in the middle of the cities where other forms of censorship and propaganda took major precedence, democracy then took a massive hit and whatever was left of “freedom of the press” was taken over by the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, yet similar to  the Leninist and Stalinist’s model of Russia but only with with a different label. These kinds of governments placed the people in extreme bondage, and in the end, the free Balkans of Europe that had been taken over after World War II by Russia, after the fall of Germany, were ushered into another saga of bondage.  Those countries such as Hungary and Poland, to name a few, became part of another rogue regime which lorded it over them, namely, the Soviet Union which continued their merciless Marxist oppression, dictatorship, censorship, propaganda and pain.

Even still, one other country which falls into this same web of oppression which Lord’s their authority over the masses is China with their well oiled propaganda machine. It is done quite simply over the airwaves, and through a collection of various newspapers all written by the government. There is the China Daily, the People’s Daily, the Global Times, the Beijing Daily, and the Beijing Times.  Now, doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  Not quite. I think I’ll pass on it all and I will find myself a shredding machine for every newspaper that China prints.So, how does this all fit into the topic of Book Burnings and censorship in the U.S?  Freedom of speech and the press is essential in any free society and as one can discern that when the smoke clears from the bias and the media  and Internet burnings in America, one sees a charade that coexists with the “freedom of speech” and of the Silicon Press.  And for the sake of “supposed” untruths and “conspiracy theory”, censorship and political bias is crafted as the current model while YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook censor though algorithms and warning writers who continue with political themes who are not within their “policy” will be terminated from the Internet webpage.  In most cases, just as the mainstream media censors, we have now approached the China
syndrome.  Here is the despicable link that you must see here…

Even so the “Ministry of Truth” Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, as of January 15, 2021 has cracked down on speech in America with his decision to permanently ban the accounts of President Trump and many other conservative voices.  This social networking site, by and large, will be likened to the former secular Communist newspaper Pravda, Russia’s major source of news birthed in 1918 and meant to take away the freedom of the press and of the people which also included the creation of “pro Soviet government schools.”

As for America, their loss of freedom began with the Deep State, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ and other shadowy players in Congress that maintain their own portion of the “favored” status quo according to their kickbacks while continuing their attacks against, any non-conforming Congressman, President or military members who are on their list of removal, yet it is all done at the expense of the American public who are dearly paying for it while “we the people” are starving for a better society, the real truth and more freedom.

Since the birth of the Internet there has been a push against those politically correct and powerful rogue interests that have worked in the shadows for decades, and now, in spite of their censorship, they are slowly but surely being exposed of their despicable activities which are, in the end, not “for and by the people” while in the meantime, if the people continue to allow this Loch Ness Monster of the deep and the censorship coming from the Silicon players, as well as the Mainstream Media and other corporate entities which railroad the “unalienable rights given to the people, then Big Brother will cheer along with the Deep State that will include the U.N. and the tyrannical New World Order which can easily be compared to the failed European Union where the public suffers and does not even vote.”

As a footnote before I close I will just say this.  Do not grow weary of doing good and and be strong.  Let us continue to genuinely love one another and forge ahead to help and save families and one’s friends and look after others, for the darkness has fallen and has come to America like a flood.  But even when the full eclipse of the sun is present, the moon is no match for the sun and when the darkness finally passes, the light of truth begins to surface and shines again.

Do not lose hope.