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QAnon Is Two Different People, Shows Machine Learning Analysis from OrphAnalytics

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An algorithm-based stylometric approach provides new evidence to identify the authors of QAnon conspiracy theories

Source: PR Newswire

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — QAnon has spread conspiracy theories to an unprecedentedly large audience. Its thousands of online messages have popularized narratives such as the existence of a child-trafficking deep state. Recently, it inspired a series of violent attacks and was listed as a terrorist threat by the FBI. The Swiss company OrphAnalytics just published an analysis of all messages posted by Q. Its patented technology aims at identifying authors of written documents. It has found two individual signals within the corpus of Q messages. Its new study contributes to revealing the origins and the persons behind one of the most impactful conspiracy theories in recent times.

Two authors are behind QAnon messages, shows machine learning analysis from Swiss company Orphanalytics.
Two authors are behind QAnon messages, shows machine learning analysis from Swiss company Orphanalytics.

“Our results very strongly suggest the existence of two different authors behind Q,” says Claude Alain Roten, OrphAnalytics’ CEO and co-founder. “Moreover, these distinct signatures clearly correspond to separate periods in time and different online forums.”

A former geneticist trained at Harvard and the University of Lausanne, Roten has derived his text analysis approach from computational genomics. While conventional stylometry relies on the interpretation of words, content, or syntax, OrphAnalytics technology is entirely based on algorithmic analyses. It compares frequencies of character patterns to bring out individual signatures, regardless of the text meaning. Experts at the company have provided compelling pieces of evidence in several legal affairs in Europe and are collaborating with the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Lausanne.

OrphAnalytics analysts have skimmed through the entire corpus of Q posts known as “Q drops”. They cleaned the 4952 messages from any content deprived of individual syntax: lists, greetings, quotes from personalities, and messages shorter than 50 characters. Then, they fed the resulting elements to their software.

The analysis shows that the first period of Q messages clearly bears a distinct individual signature from the rest. These seminal messages appear on the 4chan web forum, from October 28th to December 1st, 2017. After that, another author takes over QAnon on another forum, named 8chan. The signal difference is strong enough to leave very little doubt on this author’s swap.

The second and longest period — from Dec.1 2017 to Nov. 13, 2020 — shows a single signature with a slight evolution over time. While it is not impossible that a few other persons have mixed their voices in these +4700 messages, the signal is overall very consistent and points to a single author, says Roten.

“The next step is to contribute putting a name on QAnon by comparing these signatures to those of the usual suspects,” says Roten. “To do that, we gather and cure written material from these persons to compare it with Q messages.” Recent investigations point to a handful of potential authors behind Q messages, most notably the owner of 8chan forum Jim Watkins. “Tracing back the history of QAnon is important. It could help to understand how and why a baseless and outlandish theory, initially destined to a few isolated hackers, ended up having such a broad social and political impact.”

“Stop the Steal” organizer, Ali Alexander, is a felon convicted of theft and credit card abuse


Ali Abdul-Razaq Ali, 35, who goes by Ali Alexander, is a far-right activist from Fort Worth, Texas

“Ali Alexander” is a convicted felon

by John Boering

In what would be hilariously funny under less serious circumstances, Ali Alexander, a lead organizer of “Stop the Steal,” is a felon convicted for theft.

“Alexander is a convicted felon, after pleading guilty to felony property theft in 2007 and felony credit card abuse in 2008. Alexander first appeared in conservative politics in the Tea Party era under the name ‘Ali Akbar,’ organizing a group called the National Bloggers’ Club that was tied to shady data collection operations’.” (The Daily Beast).

Mugshot of Ali in January 2007 in a case where he pleaded guilty to  felony property theft
Ali also pleaded guilty a year later to a credit card abuse felony. This mugshot was taken August 2007

Ali Alexander is Ali Abdul-Razaq Ali (per the Daily Mail) and was born Ali Akbar (per Bayoubrief.com). Ali (whatever his name is) pleaded guilty to these two separate felony charges in 2007 and 2008 in Forth Worth Texas.

Ali organized the violent insurrection at our nation’s capitol on Jan. 6, and has now claimed that he had organizing assistance from Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Mo Brooks (R-AL) for the Jan. 6 protest. “We four schemed up putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting,” Alexander said in a video posted before the Jan. 6 protest.

And, although Ali claimed that the protest would be peaceful, he repeatedly raised the prospect of using violence in the weeks ahead of Jan. 6.

Stopthesteal.us’s domain is registered to Vice and Victory, a possibly defunct political consultancy Ali is affiliated with. After clicking the site’s donate button, visitors are prompted with the option to donate money to one of several cryptocurrency addresses associated with Alexander, or given links to his Paypal, CashApp, and Amazon wishlist.

More about Ali (per Mother Jones):

He went viral claiming that Kamala Harris wasn’t an “American Black,” because she was of Jamaican and Indian heritage, instead of descending from African-Americans,

He publicly notes people who are Jewish,

He made a sensationalist video with Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer, the Islamaphobic failed Congressional candidate, wherein Wohl seemingly fakes the group receiving death threats during filming,

Ali seems to be a con man who rakes in money and notoriety by stoking up fear and hatred. And, this felon has threatened our democracy.

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