Dr. John Reizer

So it begins, a massive vaccine rollout to conquer a nonexistent, paper tiger sars-cov-2 virus has officially been launched. Several experimental vaccines were allegedly created in record time to help the world’s population contend with a relentless public health emergency. At least that’s what the controlling powers that wrote the world-famous science fiction series that has been disingenuously portrayed as a real event by science-based medical experts the world over want people to believe.

The peculiarities associated with the official narrative of the plandemic storyline continue to grow faster than the fake case numbers. This is because the disease is not real, and adjustments have to be regularly made by the authors of the screenplay to ensure story continuity.

Case in point, we have “medical experts” telling the public that a new experimental vaccine has been made from scratch, in record time, that is perfectly safe and a necessity to protect the world’s population against a mild cold virus that has been reported to be deadly.  Do you see any problems with that narrative?

Let’s Identify Some Major Flaws in the Plandemic Script  →

  1. First of all, there supposedly exists a new strain of coronavirus that hasn’t been isolated or identified through proper scientific methodologies. That should be a major problem for anyone who claims to be science-minded.
  2. Mild cold viruses don’t tend to be deadly.
  3. Diagnostic tools (PCR TEST KITS) that couldn’t possibly be manufactured because the virus doesn’t exist from a scientific standpoint are being administered at an alarming rate to create the illusion of ever-increasing false-positive case numbers.
  4. Vaccines have been manufactured to create human immunity against a nonexistent virus.
  5. Vaccines traditionally take many years to be created and tested before being unleashed on the public. Even after going through an extensive review process by health regulatory agencies, the products injure millions of people. The new COVID-19 vaccines have been allegedly created from scratch in a matter of months. We are told by the “medical experts” like Anthony Fauci that this lightning speed production of the new vaccines was possible because the science is so amazing, and also because they used magical fairy dust as an ingredient.
  6. The new vaccines are supposed to protect people by creating antibodies against the nonexistent virus. But, then in the next breath, the “medical experts” report that the vaccines don’t provide humans with antibody protection; they are designed to help lessen the symptoms associated with the fake virus. So, is the new medicinal concoction a vaccine or an antiviral medicine? I was under the assumption that the whole purpose of the vaccine was to create limited immunity to the imaginary virus, not mitigate its mild symptoms. Was I wrong in assuming that the vaccine was a vaccine? Did I misunderstand that part of the script?
  7. Other vaccines are currently in production and going to be rolled out and distributed in the months ahead. According to the “medical experts,” the medicinal concoctions might have to be tweaked a few times to get everything just right. That means we are not necessarily dealing with a finished and perfected product. It also means that the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out presently are experimental drugs being tested on a medically ignorant and uneducated public. That’s not a good thing!

If you are paying close attention, it’s easy to spot the different flaws in the movie. The problem is that the general public the story was authored for are incapable of spotting the many glitches in the script.

Perhaps, the four most dangerous words being parroted by a gullible public these days are, “I TRUST THE SCIENCE.” I, for one, have never trusted the science tied to the medical paradigm. And I don’t trust the science surrounding the plandemic narrative because we have not been shown science. We have been shown science fiction!