Author, Chuck Frank


It is understandable that millions of people in America, no matter what their political affiliation is,. are beginning to discern the times, where there is no doubt that major tampering took place in the election, and so much so that it would be impossible to trust another Federal election or even some State elections because of the magnitude of the ballot interference and the ease at which voting machines can be fixed.  Surely, the elections that are run in America, need to be fully credible or we the people will lose their Republic and  that needs to be  addressed where the votes of the people are counted accurately and without any corruption.  We cannot afford one more election of its kind lest the tyranny of the elite becomes the norm and the Deep State along with one party will continue to

The Deep State is no longer in the shadows and has been revealed by a few authors in books for decades, but Congress and the legislators of the States chose to look the other way because millions of dollars were changing hands with regard to under the under the radar kickbacks, bribes and other maladies such as massive corporate lobbying and China’s influence.  Congressmen, Presidents, State Legislators and Governors became multimillionaires through favors but are also protected by the Deep State.  Really?  And you  may ask me for my sources?  I won’t give them all to you but you may look them up in any one of Rodney Stich’s books that were written though a few decades before he died of cancer when he was about ninety.  His credible sources of what has happened in America were  from persons who wrote down the truth and their documents became notarized as affidavits.

One such book that may still be purchased from book sellers revealing the Deep State’s corruption is available from Amazon and titled “DRUGGING AMERICA: A Trojan Horse”, See Chapter Two.

So where do we go from here?  Recently on December 12, 2020 on Fox News, Judge Jeanine declared, in her on words, that William Barr was actually part of the Deep State himself and that is why the investigations of the Deep State never transpired and why no one went to jail.  In spite of all of the fanfare, these bad actors on the world stage stood behind a curtain of secrecy, disinformation, stalling, censorship and massive acts of treason that has run far and wide within the U.S. and State governments for decades.  Judge Jeanine Pirro’s post was just taken down very quickly by You Tube.  Why?  It is very simple.  Silicon Valley is a player and an accomplice with the Deep State and for some reason joined these corrupt players as an agenda.  And now that you know, there is very little time to
save our county from the evil that has transpired throughout the years and all of this was done for the sake of hundreds of millions of dollars given in hush money and for power that ended up in the hands of certain individuals.  And this kind of absolute power corrupts far beyond the imagination.  If a student ever learned anything from history it was this corruption in America that has gone on for a very long time.

Major changes, and I mean major safeguards need to take place to protect “we the people” from an out of control Deep State government, and also a two party system that has taken America and freedom down a dark road of no
return.  Now it is up to us and  NOT a government that has abused their power to the 3rd degree!  We can no longer depend upon or trust any government.

The safeguards and solutions for America is still another task to be addressed on another day.