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Arlene Mullin joins us this evening with guests to announce the newly formed Dialysis Advocates & Associates.  The Associates formed in an effort to help dialysis patients victimized by the current system.  The chronic ejection of dialysis patients from clinics has put many at deaths door, and forced into emergency rooms for desperately needed treatment.  Many do not survive.  Please join us for this very important show.

Board members Are:

Clemon Johnson VP : Former Head Coach at The University Of Alaska University Of Florida A & M/ Founder & President Of The Monticello Boys & Girls Club
Member Of The 1982-1983 NBA World Champion Philadelphia 76ers

Bill Summers Chief Operating officer  Founder & Owner TEAM PEO LLC, 27 yr background in the Professional Employment Organization industry (PEO) Dealing with HR and Employment and compliance requirements for small to medium sized businesses

Owned and operated Wildside Bulls Pavo, Ga. producing performance cattle for Professional Bullriding organizations 2003- 2017

Arlene Mullin CEO Dialysis Advocates & Associates

Peter Banse Esq. Company attorney