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Guests will be: Jennifer Kanady– Campaign Director at Anti-Chain Division @ ADFC, K-9 Unchain USA-Founder, and lobbyingDylan’s Dog Chaining Law“. Also joining us is Dr David Fashingbauer – Member Anti-chaining coalition-Florida




League of Humane Voters – Florida Renee Rivard

~ Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas & A Better, Safer, & Healthier New Year 2021! This will be the last show for 2020! Will be back on air Thursday- Jan 7th, 2021 with Guest -Marty Irby- Executive Director for Animal Wellness Action. Hope you join us! Help Protect our animal friends in need.~


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TOPIC: Lobbying “Dylan’s Dog Chaining Law” In Florida – Statewide

~Thank You to All of the Florida Reps and Senators supporting “Dylan’s Law”~

SPONSOR: Rep Emily Slosberg D SPONSOR: Filing Bill: Senator Annette Taddeo D

1. Co-Sponsor: Rep Sam Killebrew R

2. Co-Sponsor: Rep Kristen Arrington D 3. Co-Sponsor: Rep Rene Plasencia R

4. Co-Sponsor: Rep Joe Casello D 5. Co-Sponsor: Rep Joseph Geller D

6. Co-Sponsor: Rep Tracie Davis D – Lives in Duval where Dylan lived

7. Co-Sponsor: Senator Lauren Book D 8. Co-Sponsor: Senator Rouson D 9. Co-Sponsor: Rep Dan Daley D 10. Co-Sponsor: Rep Shevrin Jones D 11. Co-Sponsor: Rep Christine Hunschofsky D 12. Co-Sponsor: Rep Christopher Benjamin D 13. Co-Sponsor: Rep Allison Tant D 14. Co-Sponsor: Rep Mike Beltran R 15. Co-Sponsor: Rep Amber Mariano R 16. Co-Sponsor: Rep Robin Bartleman D 17. Co-Sponsor: Rep Marie Woodson D

In 2012, a 17-month-old Jacksonville boy, Dylan Andres, was attacked & killed by his neighbor’s chained dog. Following the attack, League of Humane Voters legislative rep Renee Rivard with the Andres family’s help passed a dog chaining law for Duval County. We now have 19 Florida counties that have attended tethering ordinances. Together we are working to get this introduced at state level. We are calling the law “Dylan’s Dog Chaining Law” to honor Dylan Andres


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