Dr. John Reizer

We have reached a critical point in the global drama, otherwise known as the world pandemic. Several key things must occur relatively soon if society’s members have any hope whatsoever of turning things around to restore normality.

One thing that needs to be achieved first is for the world’s population to ignore the science that has been published and disseminated the world over. The official scientific narrative surrounding the fake pandemic must be torn down or, at a minimum, disregarded.

The science surrounding COVID-19 must be ignored because it is not science by any stretch of the imagination. It is science-fiction and being peddled by government-appointed spokespersons that are more actors and actresses than scientists and legitimate physicians.

The real science being spoken by real scientists is being suppressed by the controlling powers. It paints a completely different picture about the sars-cov-2 (COVID-19) virus than the officialdom being broadcast through the corporately controlled mainstream media.

The real science demonstrates the following facts:

  1. Sars-cov-2 has never been isolated by scientific methodologies.
  2. Rigged PCR tests produce on-demand false-positive case numbers.
  3. Viruses that have not been identified scientifically do not exist.
  4. Diagnostic tools cannot be manufactured to identify viruses that do not exist.
  5. Vaccines cannot be manufactured to protect humans against viruses that do not exist.
  6. Prominent scientists and physicians trying to get the truth out to the public that the virus is a hoax are being censored globally.

If you want to kill the snake, you must cut off the serpent’s head. The Snake’s head concerning the plandemic is the false science being misspoken to the world by the hijacked medical community.

Average everyday medical doctors, lab technicians, and other medical support staff cannot challenge or even understand the complexity of the fraud they have been tricked into supporting. You may ask, how is this possible? Aren’t these smart people?

Yes, the members that make up the medical profession are smart people in many ways. But they have been intentionally compartmentalized and are not in a position to challenge the overall narrative they have been given to work with concerning COVID-19.

The lab people issuing the COVID-19 PCR tests don’t question the diagnostic tools’ accuracy in reporting results. They didn’t design the test kits; they only administer and develop the results. The test kits are designed at the top of the pyramid. Even that process is most likely highly compartmentalized so that only a select few understand what is really happening concerning the diagnostic tools.

Doctors treating COVID-19 follow protocols that have been established by people that are way above their paygrade. Again, everything in medicine is performed by following a recipe that has been written by the controlling powers (big pharma).

Medical people read lab results and follow the protocols. It’s been happening this way for a long time, and nobody questions medical dogma. That’s an entirely separate subject that I could write about for weeks without repeating myself.

Until I see political leaders in the world calling for an end to the mass COVID-19 testing, calling for an end to the reporting of false-positive case numbers, calling for an end to the lockdowns, calling for an end to the mask-wearing, calling for an end to the warp-speed vaccine programs, and calling for an end to the fake pandemic, I will know that none of these elected public servants are legitimate. I will know that none of these public servants are actively serving the people who allegedly elected them into public office.

If you are an elected official from any party and breathe one bit of life into the false narrative that this virus is real, you should be removed from public office and charged with treason against the world community.

As an elected public servant, you have a responsibility to research all the facts and listen to the scientists and doctors that have been screaming for months that the virus is not real. These professionals have been censored by social media companies and the mainstream media corporations that are owned or controlled at the highest levels by a world governing construct that is executing a genocidal plan on all of humanity.

It’s time to ignore the science!



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