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We Continue….MARK WEST, Sentenced to life after a supposed 40- year plea deal as an 18 year old was told he would get life in prison if he didn’t accept it. He got it anyways.


NOTORIOUS Lawton, Oklahoma Attorney, Ken Sue Doerful is likely still up to her old tricks as she seems to have put far too many men (one is too many) behind bars for life as their defense attorney. That’s right- Defense. You could be next….. You could be 100% innocent and yet Doerful and her cronies just might not care. “BAGGING IT” (including taking cash only payments), matters more than other people’s lives.

In the matter with Mike West, he does not deny assault and battery, but what came next should have you fuming. Kenika, West’s Fiance will be joining us tonight with another tell all.

“Defense council have the difficult task of serving as both officers of the court and loyal and zealous advocates for their clients…to ensure that Constitutional and other legal rights of their clients are protected, and to render effective high- quality legal representation with integrity.”

Lawton Oklahoma, the Comanche County Seat, is well known-but nothing to be braggadocios about. Many victims of excessive sentencing and wrongful convictions continue to expose and are record high on “Tanya TalkS; Where your voice is heard, and your story is told” Radio show.


The fight for justice against corruption is never easy and never will be. It exacts a toll on ourselves and our families, our friends and especially our children, and in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity” Frank Serpico


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