by Carol Walker

On day 5 we had a day off due to wind – I of course spent it with the horses, and saw a rainboy behind a family that I knew. I hoped it would be a sign.

There is another beautiful sunrise as I wait for the helicopters to chase the horses into the trap 1 mile away in the Red Desert Complex Roundup in Wyoming. We are at a location about a mile from the trap site. The winds are calm and it is 21 degrees this morning.

The helicopters were gone for a long time leading me to think they had to go quite a way to get a large group of horses that just came in in the Red Desert Complex Roundup in Wyoming day 5. We are still at the trap site in Stewart Creek. I was able to make out some colors because there is a high overcast of clouds – we have been shooting into the sun so it has been hard to see little more than silhouettes. No one went through the fence but there was lots of rearing and thrashing in the too small pens as they were pushing them in, and now loading them in trailers before taking them to temporary holding. Oh one horse escaped somehow – he disappeared over a ridge.

The wind is picking up and it feels even colder at the Red Desert Roundup this morning. One small family was just driven into the trap – on the way the stallion looked like he was going to defy the helicopter, he looked more determined than afraid, but he and his family were finally driven in. We are not sure how much longer today – it depends on if the winds get much worse.

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