“We Need to Take Away Children”: Family Separation Under Trump

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A 10/13/2020 article by Diane Herbst in People states “Trump administration officials have denied that they systematically carried out a policy of separating migrant children — including infants and toddlers — from their parents or adult family members who had arrived at the southern border to enter the country illegally.

But a draft of a forthcoming report by the Justice Department’s internal watchdog, obtained by The New York Times and NBC News, indicates they were not telling the truth.” 

“The policy, in place until a federal judge ordered the end of the practice on June 26, 2018, resulted in the separation of more than 4,200 children since 2017, according to the ACLU, which has filed lawsuits to stop family separations.

The youngest child was 4 months old, according to the Times.”

“…some medical experts were calling the separations ‘child abuse’ while the United Nations declared the practice was illegal, violating the children’s human rights.”

Taking a baby away from it’s mother at 4 months old?

Did this Make America Great Again?

The Nazis separated children from their families and the trauma lasted a lifetime. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/18/separation-children-parents-families-us-border-trump

How could ANY mother vote to re-elect President Trump?

How could ANY Latino vote to re-elect President Trump?

The Devastation of the Red Desert Complex Wild Horse Roundup Continues

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by Carol Walker

On day 5 we had a day off due to wind – I of course spent it with the horses, and saw a rainboy behind a family that I knew. I hoped it would be a sign.

There is another beautiful sunrise as I wait for the helicopters to chase the horses into the trap 1 mile away in the Red Desert Complex Roundup in Wyoming. We are at a location about a mile from the trap site. The winds are calm and it is 21 degrees this morning. More

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