Published by Carol Walker October 14, 2020

The family that got away

It is another morning a mile from the trap site waiting for the helicopter to chase the wild horses in Stewart Creek Wyoming. Yesterday 84 horses were captured, no injuries or deaths. We hope that continues today. The wind is not bad right now but is forecast to pick up this afternoon.

The two helicopters went out and we saw a big black stallion circle around and go right by us – I stopped breathing as he paused and looked at us, then kept trotting our of sight into Lost Creek. There will be at least another day of freedom for him.

The black stallion
He stands and looks before heading out

Then several groups came in together, silhouetted by the sun directly in our eyes, the two helicopters worked together and brought them in. At least 40-50 horses. They headed out again as the contractor is loading horses into stock trailers – we were told then they load them into the big semis to take them to temporary holding.

Next three small groups come in and the helicopters head out again. The wind is starting to pick up but it is not nearly as bad as yesterday so far. I saw several stock trailers head toward temporary holding, the babies in the back. We will most likely have a chance today to go see the horses that have been captured today several hours after the helicopters stop.

In the stock trailer

I watched 3 more groups of wild horses being driven in using two helicopters, but once again a small family of 5 colorful horses ran away right toward us to Lost Creek. I am using an 800mm lens but it is still very far away and hard to see. From what I can tell they have gone through a barbed wire fence, which is being used as one of the boundaries of the lead up to the trap. Even though there are some pink flags, a barbed wire fence should not be the side of what they are driving the horses into – there is too much possibility for an injury to the horses. The stunning big pinto stallion brought up the rear of his little family – he looked at us as they trotted by but was not concerned about us. As they got closer I could see the sweat streaking down their bodies from running. He let them walk at one point until he heard the helicopter and then they started running away. They have a reprieve at least for today.