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Our guest is Richard Chambers.

An associate lawyer who was briefly mentioned in a certain elder citizen complaint, and was also briefly mentioned and featured in an episode on Netflix entitled Dirty Money has hired a downtown Boston law firm, Todd and Weld and filed a libel  lawsuit against Netflix et al as well as Attorney Lisa Belanger the Boston Broadside and its owner Lonnie Brennan.

About Mr. Chambers:

“I have practiced within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the State and Federal Courts since 2002. I own and operate my own practice which is North of Boston. My litigation is focused on Criminal and Civil Defense and I also specialize in defending people who are denied their the 2nd Amendment Rights.

I attended the University of Mississippi, “Ole Miss” undergrad.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Education cum laude from Boston University.

I received by Juris Doctor Degree from Suffolk University Law School.”

“I am currently defending the Boston Broadside in a libel matter that originated in the State court and I have filed a Motion on behalf of the Boston Broadside and Lonnie Brennan to remove the matter to the First District of Massachusetts Federal Court which is pending based on the First Amendment.”

My website is

The Boston Broadside website is

Since its inception, six years ago, the Broadside has printed numerous articles about the inconsistencies in the law applied at certain local Massachusetts probate and family courts involving children and their parents as well as senior citizens. It has repeatedly provided voice to those who would otherwise have no voice, regarding alleged elder abuse.