Dr. John Reizer

What are we doing as a society? Why do we continue to follow the advice of the CDC and other health regulatory agencies concerning COVID-19?

How can we honestly believe after nine months of trying to flatten a statistical curve, wearing face-coverings to slow the spread of a nonexistent viral microbe, staying socially distant from other human beings, and drenching our bodies with toxic disinfectants and chemical hand sanitizers that this is a healthy way to live our lives?

When are people going to use some good common sense and come to the logical conclusion that they have been conned about the coronavirus? The virus is not a real thing, and the powers that be are laughing at us.

We need to stand up to tyrannical governments and the ridiculous policies they are handing down and refuse to participate in the psyop any longer. Enough is enough!

The concept that we all must wear face masks to protect fellow citizens is a bunch of baloney. The theory was written and released by the same people who authored the disinformation that has everybody believing that if other people don’t take vaccines, theirs won’t work. In other words, to achieve artificial herd immunity through vaccines, everybody has to take the toxic jabs. This is a big pharma lie backed by junk science. There’s no truth to the theory whatsoever. It’s never been proven scientifically.

When are people going to learn that the face mask-wearing campaigns were not designed to protect the public? The movements were implemented to brainwash citizens into believing that everybody has to participate in the programs for the greater good of global public health. The controlling powers are trying to convince billions of people that face masks can only work if every person is wearing one. It is a conditioning exercise to get society ready to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Stop the insanity! 

How long do we want to hide and hunker down from a fake virus? One, two, or three more years? Do we want to wear face-coverings for the rest of our lives?

Take off the damn masks! If everybody would remove the face coverings and stop following ridiculous policies that are unconstitutional and go against fundamental human rights, the entire psyop would end. There are too many of us and not enough of them to enforce these stupid policies.

We need to stop living in fear and stand up for our rights to breathe air without having diapers strapped across our faces.

If we lack the intellectual capacity to understand that what is happening in the world has nothing to do with a health emergency, we are doomed. If we don’t have the collective strength as world citizens to take off the masks and refuse the vaccines, we deserve the dire consequences that will be forthcoming.

It’s time for everybody to wake up and take back our lives from the people who have stolen them.