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Whistleblowers! Brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers Summit taking place July 28-31 2020, in Washington D.C.


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VICTIMS OF THE SYSTEMS ARE SURVIVOR ADVOCATES- YET- still fighting municipal and district corruption. Enter a regular on “Tanya TalkS”: James Treat Retired Level C Corporate Exec from Hughes County battling the self-proclaimed “good ol boys club” in Calvin. Along with James David Arndt returns. Arndt is an Ordained Minister, ex police officer, father fighting corruption in family court, (and with DHS )and taken it to higher levels to be snuffed out. David has been generally ignored by his reps and more as he has brought to light evidence of bias at the very least and more. What’s to happen when even the public defender gets involved in the malfeasance?

ALSO JOINING US TONIGHT: RUNNING FOR CONGRESS in Oklahoma’s 2nd District: Danyell Lanier offer her input and philosophy and if she were elected what would she recommend. Danyell vows to fight the public corruption no- matter- what.

Stephen Burke, Lighthouse Christian Radio Procter has been asked to chime in as well!


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