TS Radio: In The Mix w/Michelle Robertson elder trafficking in California

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Whistleblowers! Brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers Summit taking place July 28-31 2020, in Washington D.C.


tonight we take a look at another case of human trafficking for profit, in California. In my opinion, these are all RICO cases and should be charged as such.  This is racketeering plain and simple.

Our Guest:

My name is Michelle Robertson, and I am being victimized and human trafficked by the Contra Costa probate court and probate court organized crime thieves.
Even though my father is competent, they have tried to declare him incompetent, and force their personal conservators and attorneys over him and our assets for $1000’s per hour. They have refused my rights as his only daughter, and even tried to disregard all of our estate planning documents and contracts. Not only is my father not incompetent, I have also not abandoned him, which is the only way they could even conceivably intervene in the name of the state. They are illegally forcing themselves, as private for profit real estate contractors, to kick us out and sell our home, while they control the sale and take all the funds as their fees, $250,000’s+++.
And they are doing all this, saying we have no rights to a jury trial to prove whether or not these arrests are warranted/constitutional, or RICO thefts/organized-crime.
Until we can force our legislators to address this issue immediately and make these kidnappings of the elderly for profit, illegal , this system of human trafficking will continue unabated.

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