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Hosted by Marti Oakley & John Leckrone


Tonight Marti Oakley and John Leckrone will be discussing medical emergency powers being exercised by governors, mayors, city councils and even the president of the United States corporation. What those powers being exercised entail and whether or not they are legitimate. Marti and John will also be discussing where public need for health crosses the line into violations of people’s unalienable rights to life and liberty.

Lost Horizons

“Any basis– even an enactment of the legislature itself– on which the governor (or any executive branch agency or official) claims the power to devise, issue and enforce commands directed at any or all of the general public — whether such commands are labeled as “Executive Orders” or otherwise– is manifestly unconstitutional and void, per the foregoing simple and straightforward legal facts. The governor and all other executive branch officials are prohibited from being given, having, or exercising any such power.

No commands so devised and issued can be lawfully enforced by anyone. No commands so devised and issued can be lawfully upheld by any court to which the foregoing points of law are presented.”

Under the guise of protecting public health, fatality rates were grossly inflated.  Death certificates falsified.  People were said to be positive based on observation only.  Thousands were unnecessarily put on ventilators causing permanent lung damage, if not death.  Effective medications were prohibited from use.  The PCR test cannot detect viruses.  And no virus has actually been identified.  The propaganda and fear mongering has not abated.  There is something else at stake here and it isn’t your health.