By Dr. John Reizer

The Covid-19 case numbers are spiking across the United States at an unbelievable rate. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there was a real pandemic taking place. But I do know better, and I understand the real reason the case numbers are increasing every day. It’s because the lab tests being administered nationwide are unreliable.

To have a fake viral pandemic that can render the world inoperable and helpless, you must mark massive case numbers in the statistical column called Covid-19.

There are sayings like the numbers don’t lie, and the proof is in the numbers. With Covid-19, the numbers do lie, and the case numbers don’t prove a damn thing except for the test kits diagnosing the coronavirus are useless because they yield false-positive results in 30-40 percent of the population.

It’s tiresome to keep writing the same thing day after day concerning the lab test kits. They shouldn’t be trusted today, they shouldn’t be trusted tomorrow, and they shouldn’t have been trusted yesterday. We can go through the same exercise next week, and the same rules will apply. Let me make this as clear as I can; do not trust the lab results because the test kits trigger false positives in a significant portion of the population.

Let’s Talk Face Masks:

Let’s get something straight right now because I am beginning to get irritated by the number of people walking around like zombies wearing what they believe are protective face masks for Covid-19.

People, the face masks do not protect you or anyone around you from germs and especially from a nonexistent Covid-19  virus. Face masks cut airflow to the mouth and nose. If you wear these devices in the hot summer environment, you will become light-headed and feel faint.

Face masks cannot stop bacteria and viruses from getting in your mouth and nose. Bacterial and viral microbes are everywhere, and if you think an ear loop mask will create a barrier against these microbes, you are sadly mistaken. The masks cannot and will not protect you from microorganisms. Since this is a fact, why in the hell would you want to wear one in the first place?

The more sterile we make our environment, the weaker the human immune system becomes. The less sterile we make our environment, the stronger the immune system becomes. It’s the exact opposite of what we have been taught. To be healthy, play in a garbage dumpster. To catch a dangerous bacterial infection, visit the most sterile environment in existence — a hospital.

The face mask campaign being promoted by the CDC and other regulatory agencies has a hidden agenda, and it’s not to protect the public. The controlling powers want everybody to wear masks because it psychologically makes people believe there is something dangerous in the environment.

When there are a bunch of people wearing masks in public, it speaks to others and lets them know there is danger everywhere. It tells us that a dangerous, invisible microbe is lurking around, and it’s waiting to infect an unmasked person.

This entire idea that claims face masks prevent society from becoming infected from microbes is rubbish. There’s no scientific evidence that face masks protect people from Covid-19 or any other germs.