Author, Chuck Frank


Let’s begin by saying this.  When it comes to civil unrest, certainly, there is no question that for a very long time there have been many injustices  happening in America and for at least a century and even longer.  We are not just talking about social and economic injustices among African Americans, but also there have been injustices among the Mexicans, Orientals, Indians, and a host of other nationalities that  have all had their share of major rip offs, trials and countless setbacks. In spite of certain advantages that have been given to these groups for many years, such as upward mobility and college opportunities, a culture of unthankfulness also exists among certain groups of people who still want to take the law into their own hands.

While states and the federal government agencies most often tend to have the upper hand with thousands of laws along with fines and jail time, sadly, law enforcement seems to be quite immune from criminal conduct a lot of the time.  And apart from violence and theft by the common people which I do not approve of, many members of government are also guilty of outrageous actions themselves, but then generally they get away with these actions regularly which are on the same level as crime or even treason. However, that in itself, doesn’t give the right to groups such as Antifa and others a license to burn our cities and take unlawfulness to an anarchical level.  Both sides need to sit down and and talk and come and reason together before our entire country bites the dust. Law enforcement and protestors need a new blueprint for living in a society that was once a much safer and kinder country. 

Be assured, America is also being driven by hate and various far left groups that are meant to topple the country and rebuild it.  And yes, this is a dark agenda that will will surely cost the very freedom that was fought for from the very beginning in 1776.  Although, no country is perfect and I do not blame people if they are discontent with their lives because of Covid-19 and the present police state of affairs, yet if certain groups of people are being paid to protest and light our cities on fire, then it is no longer a question of defunding the police. It is now only a question of how might major change be made without violence and murders from the radical gangs and the far left which is no better than the rogue police who can use military grade equipment among the protestors that was brought in during the Obama administration.  This even included shoulder-held grenade launchers and other murderous instruments which may be used by SWAT teams or members of the National Guard.  And yes, Black Lives matter, but then why is the mainstream media not questioning a dark rouge government agenda which was birthed before President Trump took office?

With that said, what every race needs, whites included, is to be angry about a new brand of civil unrest that is at our very door and is on the verge exploding into a culture of corruption that is now evident among various groups of protesting people.  Law enforcement, the Deep State, the FBI the CIA, Social Networks and Google are not exempt from being part of a larger problem and especially so before the coming election in November. Instead of anarchy, should not peaceful protests  be done on behalf of all people before the tyranny of the state kicks in?  Fighting fire with fire and
anger is not an option but a gentle word turns away wrath.  We need to meet in the middle before it is too late.

The potential division between all people, including family and out of control government, is also being pushed way past normal limits by none other than the banking and politico elites who are intent on destroying the very foundational fabric of America through their New World Order machinations, which, as we already know, is meant to increase government power and the elitists financial worth.  But at the same time, that dastardly accomplice which is the mainstream media plays their two bit violin while Rome burns.  Have the people awakened yet to this revolutionary charade that is being played right before their very eyes? These elites and violent protestors who are directing America into an unconstitutional order are shredding the U.S. Constitution but it is imperative that all races begin to will awaken to this truth.!  And what is the truth?  America is the last pillar of freedom left in the world while Hong Kong is also fervently running the great race as well.

This year has been truly a wild ride where revolutionaries show no mercy, all the while, they are intent on erasing America’s history just as China did to their own people. The writing is on the wall, but who will stop this mess?  The revolution will continue if the good people remain silent or are censored in someway.