Betrayed by Hospice with host Marsha Joiner – July 1, 2020 #35 Ana Martinez, age 78 died 1 April, 2020

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Hosted by Marsha Joiner


Join us Wednesday July 1, 2020 with Guests Vivian Zayas and Alexa Rivera who will share their Mother’s story.  Ana Martinez was sent to a rehabilitation facility in New York City where shortly afterwards the Governor sent COVID positive patients to that facility as well as others.  Sadly Ana at age 78 would contract the virus and never make it back home!  Vivian talked to her Mom on the phone and noticed she didn’t sound well and notified the nurse.  After this conversation, it was determined that her Mom had contracted COVID!  She passed April 1, 2020.  This is not the end of this story.  Come hear what happens next.

This is only one of the thousands of cases where our elderly were in nursing and rehabilitation facilities where their life was not valued and they were not taken care of properly.  COVID positive patients were carelessly sent to these facilities where the elderly died.  Or was this a careless act or was it a plan to further cull our elderly loved ones?  Hospice organizations were quick to come in and offer their assistance because patients were dying and they are well versed in helping them cross over!

An evil plan has been in the works for decades where our elderly have been euthanized under the guise of hospice compassionate care.  This COVID has given the government an easy way to further eliminate the elderly and those they deem unworthy of life.  A way to save money by taking it away from people who paid money in to care for them in their old age and yet, it is being stolen as they eliminate them.

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If you have a story to share about a loved one taken before their time, contact me at marshajoiner2018@gmail.com . 

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