Author, Chuck Frank


In finding the most recent roots of anarchy and terrorism, one must look no farther than the person who was elevated to the Demi-god of the the American university community. With that said, Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in U.S. college curriculum.

The Communist Manifesto (1848) written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels represents a revolutionary philosophy that sought to encourage civil unrest and working-class revolutions throughout the the world. “The Communist Manifesto” still ranks as the most frequently assigned text in American universities and Karl Marx is also the most assigned economist in U.S. college classes to this day.

Additionally, this philosophical culture is linked to far left “intellectualism” and exists among those who are graduates from college who continue in their careers and then become teachers or politicians that will shun nationalism and individualism but then will embrace collective thought and progressivism which is now but a cover for Marxism and a centralized tyrannical government which George Orwell warned us about in his famous novel, 1984. However, college students in general still take the collectivism bait and that is one reason why Americans are still today seeing an ever increasing unrest which is being promoted by various groups who do not understand that the entire end game will be total population control with the likes of Red China while religiously tracking every person in America, using either a Real ID card or a mandated biometric vaccine data identifier or a Radio Frequency Chip imbedded into ones hand.

Interestingly enough, Karl Marx who’s plan was to use the working class to spearhead his revolution scheme, did not envision a working class that had the potential to build a prosperous country such as the U.S. which gave the people, as a whole, the potential to earn a decent living and raise a family, while government at the same time also subsidized health care, food and housing for those who were unemployed or in need. In spite of the generosity of the state using Federal Reserve loans and taxpayer money to support the needs of certain groups of people, the “working class” in America is now under attack by none other than the Marxist left while groups such as Antifa are the bi-product of the Marxist university system which adheres to the fallacy of the major redistribution of the wealth doctrine. While the Marxist plan may look good on paper, in the end, there are many countries that have tried and failed with this flawed system which gives government workers and contractors billions while the lower 1/3 is thrown a nickel.

Collectivism always results in less incentive and more government control, as well as countless federal, state and county employees skimming off billions of dollars for themselves and their well paid police state, yet, what happened to the people’s beloved freedom? How did these ideas of a bloated centralized government even infiltrate a free county that was envisioned by the founders? Simply, it was the works of Karl Marx that ended up with well paid professors at the university level indoctrinating and programming the college students with revolutionary ideas that would destroy America’s foundation and question the very wisdom of even the U.S. Constitution and a free society. And what was the advantage of this in the long run? At the top of the food chain were the billionaire elites island hopping in their Lear jets.

I finally noted something favorable during the George W. Bush administration when the President made an attempt to help smaller communities that needed more prosperity, which then would have given these people a chance to purchase government parcels at a much lower cost in the West to where the people could build a home and have a better life and better schools. This was a vision of more opportunity for those who could not afford the high price of housing in the West. But this entire program was shelved in 2008 when President Obama was elected President.

So, one would think that the very concept that even a politician should have in common with people in need would be to let them purchase government land at a fair price, but the entire program was axed during the Obama administration. Even so, the far left continues to play the savior of the people while political favor to the lower 1/3 may gain more votes, but falls way short of the mark and clearly shows their full lack of concern in bringing the cost of living and housing to a level that would be more affordable. In essence, the left which “claims” to gravitate towards more economic equality, is but a group that trumpets this idea yet follows every wind of doctrine that will give them more power and kickbacks from the lobbyists. However, their agenda sadly adds more fuel to the fire at the expense of the American people while the “working class” and their cities burn to the ground. This is the blueprint of the far left for good government? No, it is people within government and other players who have been deceived by various doctrines that will destroy the country because of their lust for power.

Finally, America’s Marxist order, whether it be Stalin or Antifa, the people are left anarchy and the likes of George Soros, corrupt governors, mayors, members of Congress, SWAT Teams, excessive military engagements, state legislators, indebted cities, county government power grabs and excessive expenditures that was never meant to be America’s blueprint for a free society, but it all has happened because the people’s charade of “representation” which will cost the average person their life, their
liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. In the end, there will be no payoff, only indebtedness for a lifetime, whether it be a mortgage, a credit card or a regular tax payments to the IRS, as well as excessive tax payments to states, cities and county governments.