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Part 5: HUGHES COUNTY ET AL., UNDER INVESTIGATION with Whistleblower James Treat. Why does the abuse by the bad actors escalate? In a matter of one weeks’ time, Treat has been harassed, trespassed upon including causing damage to his personal property, and this has been snowballing for months-no, years now. Treat’s life was recently threatened by the Mayor’s husband, but not before an Order of Protection was allegedly broken by Joe Henry Harden, son of none other than the Mayor of Calvin. We already know that Calvin is deeply embedded in misuse of funds, is not codified, turns their back on drug running and more; is not a town, city, municipality, and has not filed an accounting with the state for 10 years.

It seems that the individuals that have been paying taxes in that little non-town should get every dime back they paid to “Calvin” for the last decade. Why wouldn’t the likely fraudulent “trustees” be held personally accountable. And more-so, where is the Chief of Police? Seriously, where is he? A man’s life is threatened- repeatedly and harassed practically daily. Where is any Calvin Law Enforcement Representative? Contact if you want to start taking this seriously for those that haven’t yet.

Duties of Care and the Constitution “Precisely, rights are to be viewed as duties upon the government to take care that means of accomplishing individual duties and functions that benefit the larger community are not harmed.” Digital

And what about Municipal Judge Irby? Just what kind of court can be held Monday May 11th, in this non-town with his limitless lackluster and strangulation of law.

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