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From Massachusetts we have a new report of the terrifying human rights abuse of a disabled woman. Margaret Cook, currently residing against her will at Medway Manor Nursing home, was forced to undergo a risky amputation, by her appointed temporary guardian. We’ll hear how the guardianship system was used to remove this disabled woman’s life savings and property, while her home of 50 years has remained empty for a year and a half.

During the last court session in Worchester probate court, a memorandum entitled “Guardianship of Incapacitated persons” was delivered to the court room, in which chapter 190B of Massachusetts uniform probate code was cited, noting that a “temporary guardian may not acquire estate assets, or employ persons, including attorneys, to advise or assist in the performance of administrative duties”. The memorandum included a message from administrative judges of the probate, and thus seemed to authored by them. The memo also stated “there is not statutory authority for a temporary conservator to sell real estate and it should not be done”. Unfortunately, these rules have already been broken in court. Further more, in 2009 the Mass Guardianship association was able to succeed in having legislation passed in the interest of disabled peoples’ rights. This legislation forbids the holding of disabled persons against their will when there is a residential home that is left empty and a request to return. The legislation also forbids the sale of property against the will of the disabled, and maintains that a disabled person must be present in court during important decisions that effect them. All of this has been ignored during the Family and Probate court sessions for Margaret, overseen by Judge Geoffry R German.

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  1. June Walker
    Apr 22, 2020 @ 19:46:26

    Australia – 1999. – excerpt from Sydney Morning Herald article titled – Guardian Authorities Accused of Abuses.

    A Dr Preda referred to frequent ‘stuff ups’ by Guardianship Authorities that are not accountable to anyone……

    . “The problem is you have a concentration of power in the hands of one authority which is not responsible to anyone.”

    What makes this lack of accountability doubly concerning 2 people, is that last year, with little public debate, the law was changed to allow “clinical trials” – described by critics as medical experiments on human beings – of drugs, medical devices and procedures 2B performed on people subject 2 Guardianship orders without their informed consent.

    One such trial was approved of a drug which, it is hoped, will improve the white blood cell count to combat pneumonia and sepsis.

    Since then the use of another eight experimental drugs designed 2 slow the development of dementia & reduce damage from severe strokes has been approved by the tribunal, although (President) O’Neill would not name them nor discuss any details, for fear of damaging the commercial interests of the drug companies involved.

    Although approval for such clinical trials is subject to strict conditions and must conform with National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines, people such as Barbara Wright, a nurse who is president of the Medical Consumers’ Association, are extremely concerned.

    She is appealing to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, claiming that experimental drugs with the potential to harm (known side-effects of one drug trialled include bone pain and enlarged spleen) should not be used on people who are incapable of understanding what is being done to them.
    “These people are being used as guinea pigs for the profits of the multinational drug companies,” she says. “It is the most appalling abuse of human rights.”


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