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Guests will be: Senator Raymond LesniakFounder & President of The Lesniak Institute for American Leadership & Sarah MackDirector



https://twitter.com/lesniakinstitutTOPIC: Legislation Action Updates for Animal Welfare

The Lesniak Institute advocates for animal welfare, training the next generation of American Leaders to protect animals from cruelty and extinction.

Help us continue to advance animal welfare as The Lesniak Institute For American Leadership advocates for legislation to make New Jersey The Humane State and promote animal welfare across America and in every nation.

The Lesniak Institute is developing the next generation of American leaders by teaching the principles of effective advocacy, offering first-hand experience through its causes, and partnering with grassroots organizations.

Everything in government is on hold now until we overcome the coronavirus, but there will be plenty to do when it’s back in action.

The coronavirus has highlighted the need for better safety requirements for farm animals. New Jersey can start with banning gestation crates which Sen Lesniak got it passed both the Senate and Assembly only to have it vetoed by Governor Christie despite more than 100,000 petition signatures asking him to sign it. Even better, we should ban any sale of pork from pigs confined in a gestation crate anywhere in America or worldwide.

The coronavirus has also highlighted the need to promote adoption of dogs and cats which served as companions to many during their home confinement. Another effort should be made to ban Puppy Mills which was also vetoed by Governor Christie and require pet stores to only sell dogs and cats from a certified rescue organization.

Also awaiting legislative action is Desmond’s Law, named after legislation enacted in Connecticut, which would allow law students in clinics to represent the animal in cruelty prosecutions which too often result in minor penalties for the abuser despite proven statistics that an animal abuser is likely to be a human abuser.

Another health and animal welfare measure is trap, neuter and release programs which will contain and protect community cats, formerly called feral cats.

Also coming up in the Fall/2020  is the yearly bear hunt which is unnecessary if the state enacted proven more effective non lethal means to keep bears from leaving their natural habitats and roaming into communities. Baiting to make it easier for hunters to kill only makes bears acclimated to look for human food. A requirement in bear country communities to use bear resistant trash containers will also limit bear incursions into communities better than killings.

Worldwide advocacy is also needed for an end to the brutal slaughter of dogs at the infamous Yulin Festival in China where dogs are cooked alive!

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Let’s strive for greatness. 
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