By Don Bowman



“And there you all are….still viciously attacking each other over this intellectually crippled, emotionally stunted, amoral buffoon we call president. Don’t think for a minute that Clinton would have been any different. They are both part of the same club and you can’t get a membership.”


In my opinion……

What we are witnessing is a coup against the people of the United States. Whenever and however we emerge from this contrived pandemic, we will not be what we started out as. The economic impact will leave hundreds of thousands, if not more, homeless, hungry and miserable. Once reduced to status of a third world nation, we will be held hostage to global interests and to uber wealthy individuals who will be able to buy the government they want. We all know D.C. is always for sale.

Did any of you true believers out there notice that while the public is restricted to meetings of ten or less, all 453 representatives continued to meet along with 100 senators (minus those who didn’t show up), their staff and others needed to maintain the royalty on Capitol Hill? Did you note that they huddled together in groups, sat next to each other, and not one of them seemed concerned about social distancing or some supposed virus.

But, Don! They all got tested!

Yes they did so they say about two weeks ago. What about everyday since then? They have commuted back and forth to Capitol Hill from their homes. They have met with each other and moved about in areas of the public. Are they immune from any such virus? Do they have a magic shield?

Did you realize that when the government ordered all non essential businesses to close down, they were actually declaring that YOU were not essential? You don’t have the money to be considered essential. Never mind that these businesses are the back bone of local economies. They broke us without ever firing a shot. And we folded like weak kneed little girls with big green bugs on our dresses. Why else would you close only those sections of the economy that directly benefit us commoners, locally? But big corporations and government can continue to operate because they are essential? Essential to what? Pulling off the biggest scam in history?

And there you all are….still viciously attacking each other over this intellectually crippled, emotionally stunted, amoral buffoon we call president. Don’t think for a minute that Clinton would have been any different. They are both part of the same club and you can’t get a membership.

For those of you out there who still cling to the right vs. left, Democrat vs. Republican, please let it go. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you yet….in government they are one and the same. These fictional party lines are used to pit us against one another. As long as we hold on to the false ideologies promoted by each wing of the vulture that is government, we can never move forward. Our country is being ripped out from under us while you fight over who loves Trump or hates him. Who God loves or doesn’t. Who is moral and who isn’t. I do not give a damn about any of it. I do however, love this country and grieve over what we are about to forfeit while we cower over this scam COVID-19 virus.

It doesn’t work as well if you don’t have an enemy to hate or fear

Politics and religion use the same method of operation. Gather together as many like minded individuals as you can. These individuals always harbor extreme beliefs or opinions and biases that are repugnant to most sane people. Then, talk to them like you actually care what they think, or how they are faring. Promise them that if they just do what you tell them they will be blessed in some way. Of course they all need your money. They can’t win this “war” unless you give them money. And to glue all this together, create a common enemy for them to fear. In church its the devil, in politics its (Iran, Syria, Iraq, China, North Korea; take your pick) and then threaten your followers constantly and ratchet up the fear mongering.

Today the enemy is COVID-19

At least since last fall, the financial system has been on the brink of collapse from the deregulation, derivative markets, mind boggling executive pay among other things. The Fed has been loaning them 60 billion per day to keep them shored up. To date, 3 trillion in paper loans and trillions more in the stimulus bill. Economies all around the world are collapsing due to the criminal activities by bankers, governments, and corporatists. These people like to refer to themselves as free trade capitalists. We like to refer to them as threats to humanity. To cover up all the criminal activity, the insolvency, and the dirty deals, a virus that is no more than a common cold is being hyped as if it represents some kind of threat to all the world.

The COVID-19 virus is government sponsored terrorism. Never letting the creation of a crisis go to waste, the stage was set without mentioning the flu vaccine had caused a significant increase in corona infections,

Incidentally, flu vaccines have been found to increase the risk for coronavirus infections and other respiratory infections. Go to: to find the published study where that connection was discovered.

The Department of Defense study was published in the January 2020 issue of the prestigious journal Vaccine that demonstrated that flu shots were significantly associated with an increased incidence of subsequent coronavirus (as well as metapneumovirus) infections.”

So line up like good little slaves and get your vaccine. God knows what will actually be in it or how many people it will kill or make seriously ill. But look at it this way; the pharmaceutical companies will make a screaming fortune and everyone will receive that coveted chip. The CDC will be in on the take and will establish guidelines that mandate we all get it. Its a win-win situation. Except for those of us they murder by injection.