John Leckrone


For the last couple of weeks I have been telling everyone this corona virus issue is a giant psychological operation. I need to be very clear here. I am not saying that this virus does not exist nor am I saying that people are not dying from it. What I am saying is that it is an extremely convenient excuse to continue to perpetuate the power of the tyrannical corporations masquerading as “government”. It is also very convenient that most of the dead are older people with other medical conditions.

When this is all over the new “normal” will not look anything like a couple of months ago in 2019. We are being conditioned to accept seeing more government agents with costumes and guns hanging out where they were not located at a year ago. I am having flashbacks of Nazi Germany. Never forget that all 10 planks of the communist manifesto are in full effect in America. Additionally all of these tests are a great way to get people to give up their DNA so that other tests can be run as well.

I have a first hand view of how effective this psychological operation has become. I cannot get into specific details of who, thankfully no one in my family, but I will state that a woman I know has gone over the top because of the virus propaganda. Her entire world is about this virus. She watches the “news” (read propaganda) for hours on end regarding this plague. I see how it is affecting her and thus her significant other as well. It truly is sad. There is nothing wrong with being careful and using common sense to prevent the spread of this and other viruses. It does become a problem when these actions become stupid though.

The people that work with the man scratch their heads in bewilderment. This woman makes completely unrealistic demands of her room mate with regards to both his work and the people that work beside him. It became so bad at one point he asked her if she was willing to pay all of the bills and he would stay at home. As a selfish, narcissistic, greedy and tyrannical dictator she decided to shut up at that point. The people that work with him have by extension given her the dream life few people have enjoyed and she obviously does not want to give that up. In her defense she is a woman in her mid 60’s but still her wishes are completely unrealistic and bordering on insanity. This woman is the micro version of the macro system being rolled out. This thing called “government” whose agents are making just as significant and unrealistic demands upon people is getting more heavy handed by the day. I am now waiting for the first man or woman to be shot here in America for violating a prison style lock down. I have first hand knowledge that this has already happened in other parts of the world.

This entire system is based upon a slave class supporting a parasite class. The pressure of the boots on our proverbial necks is increasing exponentially every single day. There is no synergy, only tyranny and it is getting worse.

People who can least afford it are losing their jobs or having their hours cut way back. Small business owners will be closing their doors in waves over the next couple of years because of all of this. The super corporations will have even more monopoly power. The multinational corporations will weather this trauma just fine with “government” support. Meanwhile the average man on the street will be crushed by this. Those who have exploited the masses will continue to live the high life while the rest of the population will suffer even more.

The massive transfer of wealth to the bankers in 2008 was bad enough. They are doing it yet again. The massive repercussions of this virus have not yet even begun to be addressed. We have already watched trillions of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE negotiable debt instruments get stolen by Wall Street cronies in the last month. A lot of that “money” was the retirement nest egg for a whole lot of common folks who were lied to over the years. Why anyone would “invest” in that scam I do not know. If people comprehended that no one owns any stocks (read your statements carefully and check to see if you have any stock certificates) and that they are only “beneficiaries” maybe then they would choose better options. Remember this simple truth folks. Slaves do not own anything.

I have studied this system for 45 years. The agents for the crime syndicate tell us in advance what they are going to do and then they do it. This is how they (the hierarchy enslaving you) get “contract” consisting of “offer and acceptance”. I talk about things that then come true all of the time. I am not a psychic. I do not have a time machine or a crystal ball. What I do have is a brain with the ability to read, do research and use critical thinking skills, logic and reason.

The problem is there is nothing “common” about “common sense” anymore. We have only brain washed masses of free range tax slaves working for their corporate masters who tell them they are free. Even when shown evidence of their near hopeless enslavement these people reject the truth for the lies perpetuated by their owners. The tyranny is not coming sometime in the future. It is here right now!

The crime syndicate needs a good “crisis” to continue to move their slave system forward. The new normal is nothing more than old world tyranny. Exploitation and a continued perpetuation of corruption and murder is their continued goal. Please stop consenting to it.

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