By Marti Oakley


What does this mean to us?

State of emergency

Legal declaration by a government allowing assumption of extraordinary powers

A state of emergency (also known as a state of calamity in the Philippines) is a situation in which a government is empowered to perform actions that it would normally not be permitted. A government can declare such state during a disaster, civil unrest, or armed conflict. Such declaration alerts citizens to change their normal behavior and orders government agencies to implement emergency plans. Justitium is its equivalent in Roman law—a concept in which the senate could put forward a final decree (senatus consultum ultimum) that was not subject to dispute.

States of emergency can also be used as a rationale or pretext for suspending rights and freedoms guaranteed under a country’s constitution or basic law.

At the edge of the proverbial cliff

Here we are facing the final stage of the destruction of our country as a sovereign nation.  We, as a supposedly free people, are about to face a national Armaghedon.  Under an emergency declaration, our constitution, or what is left of our rights and protections, are cast aside to make way for the reorganizing of the worlds economies and the subjugation of all populations.  All of this achieved by the hyping up of a virus that does not meet any standard for being declared an epidemic or pandemic.

Just to make sure you reach the proper level of fear, university’s, college’s and public schools are closed in numerous locations across the country.  The common connection in each of these instances is their tie to federal funding.  Want to keep your funding?  CLOSE YOUR DOORS!  That will scare them!

And someone please tell me how a vaccine for a virus that supposedly surfaced three weeks ago, is about ready for public use?  A vaccine cell line takes about nine months to develop and another 12 or more months to bring into production.  Either they are lying about the origins of the virus,or they are lying about the vaccine.

People have been told not to come to work.  Businesses are shuttering their doors.  Many people are cowering in their homes who have succumbed to the massive MSM propaganda machine promoting this bogus pandemic or epidemic or whatever they are calling it now.  All of this to achieve a few things government has not been able to accomplish without it.

Our constitution will be suspended.  Martial law will be imposed regardless if they term it “medical” martial law.  Forced vaccinations with some worthless vaccine that will do nothing other than maim and kill a fair number of people.  Those deaths will be counted in the death toll for this cold virus.  Included in those vaccinations will be the RFID Chips to make sure they can track you all of your life.  These chips will contain all your personal and medical information.  There will be nowhere to hide.

There are already calls for dispensing with the use of cash.  Not that they care if you get sick.  What they do care about is controlling everything you buy, sell, or consume.  You won;t be able to do anything without approval or without government approval.  Think the social credit system set up in China was shocking?  Guess what’s in store for you!

What are they hiding?

This virus was ramped up into a non-existent threat to divert public attention from the failing banking system and its companion in crime, Wall Street.  They don’t care if you get sick, die or fly off into space.  Just as long as you don’t hold these financial crooks and thieves responsible for their corruption.   And just as in 2008-09, the only people who are going to suffer a loss are those at the bottom.  Those who saved and invested for retirement.  Pensions, 401k’s, and any other investment will disappear into cyber space (actually into some one elses portfolio).  And name one of those Wall Street crooks or any of those bankers who went to prison over this.  (don’t worry, I’ll wait)

Remember when Bush 2 said that we were now a consumer based economy? what he was really saying was: We produce little of anything so we will now live like parasites on the labor and goods of other countries.  We, as a nation, are about to find out the ramifications of letting our manufacturing base disappear, our agricultural products shipped out into the global economy, and that we are unable to afford the services of the service sector.  All the while, the banks and Wall Street have stripped us of our our ability to survive financially.  The whole system is on the verge of collapse globally.

In the end this virus whether truly a threat or not will usher in a new government and will usher out what little freedom we have left.  I personally do not believe this virus is all they are claiming it is.  I do however believe it is the excuse to be used for transforming us into a captive population with no way out.  Just my thoughts.


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