TS Radio Network: Whistleblowers! Caroline Douglas and Lisa Belanger

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Join us Thursday evening January 23, at 7:00 pm CST!

5:00 pm PST…6:00 pm MST…7:00 pm CST…8:00 pm EST

Listen live (HERE)

Call in # 917-388-4520

Hosted by Marti Oakley


Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit  in Washington D.C. July  28-31


1st hour:  Caroline Douglas, author of ” The Dark Side: A law treatise on judging”  will be joining us to update her efforts to expose the behind the scenes activities that take place routinely in the so-called “justice system”.  Caroline concentrates her efforts on judicial accountability which is glaringly absent in what passes for a system of justice in any court room in America.  Caroline is devoted to informing and educating the public of the pitfalls of  a system that is well known for its interior corruption and in some cases, out right racketeering.

2nd Hour:  Lisa Belanger

Lisa has been embroiled with the BAR association in Massachusetts in an ongoing attempt to sanction her for fighting back against the obvious racketeering occurring in the Probate division alone. Using her father’s case, (Marvin Siegle) as a prime example of the trafficking of the elderly for the purpose of financial exploitation, Lisa has filed two RICO lawsuits (both dismissed without ever being read) in an attempt to hold those responsible accountable for the theft of her father’s estate and his untimely death.  In a strange twist, The BAR Board of Overseerer’s, (BBO) in an attempt to sanction her for her efforts, has asked a court to make a decision on the sanctioning.  Now ask yourself why, when they have unilaterally sanctioned other attorney’s as they saw fit, they would suddenly need to have a judge rule on the sanctioning?

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  1. christine morrison
    Jan 25, 2020 @ 10:59:24

    Book/amazon: Judicial Criminals The greatest fraud upon American society America’s Legal System


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