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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


Tanya Talks is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit taking place in Washington D.C., July 28-31, 2020


Join us tonight with guests, Joe Cooper, Wetumka Chief of Police; Richard Roush, Wetumka citizen; James Treat, Calvin Whistleblower- and more!


It’s no secret that the little town of Calvin, and the little city of Wetumka have been under duress in regard to public corruption, and divide. For Wetumka, it’s been months- but in Calvin, years.

After months of trials and tribulations- there was a breakthrough most would pray for after being caught up in unsavory predicaments with certain leadership, and it’s been heard that for Wetumka- there is a new motto as they are restoring: “Make Wetumka Strong Again”.

Last week with a unanimous council vote during an emergency meeting, City Manager of Wetumka, Don Jett has been relieved of his duties. Further into the meeting, another vote resulted in relinquishing the keys of a Mayor Jackson given the overstepping of his “Weak Mayor” duties. This also included removing Autumn Jackson’s (now of-age foster child to the Jacksons) access to confidential records, and insertions of herself into the cities daily business.

The following morning, it is said alleged that Mayor Jackson texted his resignation. Rebecca & James Jackson, (aka “JJ), despite their absence at the emergency meeting- remain council members. Will they stay or will they flee as it appears to be a pattern showing through.

Can Calvin simmer down? Filter the facts, measure the damage and restore? The unwavering persistence from Whistleblower James Treat, has reached a face-off with certain Calvin employees and some long-time bystanders.