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Join us live Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm CST!

5:00 pm PST…6:00 pm MST…7:00 pm CST…8:00 pm EST

Listen LiveHERE!

Call in number 917-388-4520

Press #1 immediately when Blogtalk answers to speak to the host!

All shows will be archived and available 24/7 so you can listen at your convenience.

Hosted by Marti Oakley & Coz Whitten-Skaife


Elaine Mickman joins us from Pennsylvania to speak about the abuses of the judicial system there, and what she has personally experienced at their hands.  With mountains of irrefutable documentation, it is apparent that the judicial system in Pennsylvania needs close examination.

Procedural proceedings taking place before any orders have been written and no evidentiary hearings are common place.  The Appeals court simply rubber stamping and affirming lower court errors.

We are all subject to the growing misuse of what used to be our judicial system, the place where the law was the rule.  Apparently, the law only applies if it can be used against you or, if it can be avoided to benefit someone else who might be well connected.


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