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Guest will be: Marty IrbyExecutive Director of Animal Wellness Action



TOPIC: Horseracing Integrity Act H.R. 1754 and the Big Cat Public Safety Act H.R.1380

Animal Wellness Action is a 501(c) organization with a mission of helping animals by promoting legal standards forbidding cruelty. AWA champion causes that alleviate the suffering of companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife. AWA advocate for policies to stop dogfighting and cockfighting and other forms of malicious cruelty and to confront factory farming and other systemic forms of animal exploitation.

We Hit a major milestone with the Horseracing Integrity Act, H.R. 1754. The bill’s passed the 218 cosponsor mark in the U.S. House, now with 222 – well over the majority of the Lower Chamber. The Senate version, S. 1820 now has 20 cosponsors, including both California Senators, and Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer. We expect to see action in the House in January of 2020, and ask you to please continue to CALL your Members of Congress at 202-224-3121 and ask them to cosponsor the bill.

Across the country, thousands of big cats like tigers, lions, leopards and pumas are kept in miserable, insecure and unsafe conditions by irresponsible owners.
The elimination of the practice of petting cubs would lead to correcting the mistreatment of wild animals and limiting the danger posed to members of the public and first responders who are often attached while respond to escapes — with the animal paying the ultimate price.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1380) would prohibit private ownership of these animals and forbid exhibitors from allowing public contact with cubs.

Take action now to let your legislators know it’s time to end the unregulated trade and nationwide abuse of captive big cats by Supporting H.R. 1380.

Helping Animals Helps Us All!

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