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Hosted by Marti Oakley with Charles Pascal


Our guest tonight, Charles Pascal will educate us on how dead people are able to cast a vote from the grave, along with those who have been taken hostage in the guardianship system

Join us this evening as we take a look at how all those dead people are able to continue voting.  Not only are dead people still voting, but so are many people who have been guardianized and as a result of this, have had all their rights and protections stripped from them…..except in many cases, the right to vote.  Now how could a person who is portrayed as being so incapacitated that a total stranger has to be appointed to micro manage all of their affairs and who simultaneously assumes their identity, accesses all of their assets and prohibits them from contracting, buying, selling, marrying, or even managing their own healthcare……be competent enough to vote?

Do you know what “bundlers” are?  Do you know what “bundlers” sell?  Do you know who buys what they are selling?  Republicans and Democrats both buy bundles of votes obtained from guardianized individuals, from those who are deceased but have not been removed from voter rolls.

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