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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway with James Treat & Tina Goertz


Tanya Talks is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit taking place in Washington D.C., 2020


We’re not done here. We need your eyes, ears, phone calls, and more.

Sunday, December 8th please tune in to “Tanya TalkS; Where your voice is heard- and your story is told” on Marti Oakley’s “TS Radio Network” and Stephen Burke’s 89.9 fm KLRB “Lighthouse Christian Radio”.

We’ll be on air at 7:00 Central with James Treat & Tina Goertz, who you’ve heard from before but developments are heating up in Calvin, and yet at Vinita State Prison, its so cold- you can see your breath.

Calvin: The good ol boys club might have appeared dormant, but we know it’s not- instead it’s hiding. What will the Council do? Jones tyranny is expected to finally be shut down. And- the state audit is in full force….just when they thought they went away. James Treat, Whistleblower and advocate will open your eyes again and although things are heated up- they are getting on the right track.

Vinita Prison: Black mold, where the dogs in training remain with the inmates in less than humane conditions. Are the prisoner counts going to change as a result of the new marijuana laws? What’s REALLY happening in he dark cells of the Sooner State. You’ll hear a letter of an 18 year old now in protective custody, but still being massively harassed… by who?

Tina Goertz, Advocate is, breaking through the prison walls so to speak and fighting from the outside due to the abuse of power- on the chilling inside.

A fellow advocate remains in prison- calling out the judge bought him the ticket there.

Let’s catch up and get some more things done