Marti Oakley


The issue of dead people voting arises in every election.  While there are many possible ways in which this can occur, including the simple failure of removing those names from voter rolls, there is one area which may seem minor compared to others.  Minor unless you consider there are currently an estimated 1.4 million people under guardianship currently in the US, most of whom have had all their rights stripped from them except the right to vote.  And another 1.4 million in hospice care marked for preemptive death (as of 2106) the ever expanding pool of dead or soon to be dead voters is quite large and continually expanding.

Do not mistakenly believe that these guardianized individuals or those in Hospice are going to actually be allowed to vote.

The right to vote

After every national election, the screeching from either party concerning the reasons they lost always include the claim that dead people were somehow voting. The fact is, votes are cast in the names of people who have actually died, but the question is: how are they voting from the grave?

Dead people voting is a type of election fraud that occurs when the name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name. Those names are generally kept on the voter rolls by the predators failure to report and have them removed or election officials unable or unwilling to check on the validity of the name.

Here’s how it works:

The predators we call guardians and attorney’s, after stripping an elderly person of every other possible right often allow the newly acquired property to retain the right to vote. Of course they have no intention of allowing the actual individual to vote. With most of these predators having hundreds (and some have more than a thousand) of captives, retaining their right to vote can become quite a lucrative business.

The guardians collect all the potential votes from their inventory of captives.

Those names are then sold to ‘bundlers” who then sell those bundles of votes to whichever party or candidate is willing to pay top dollar for those names.

Using absentee ballots, or in some cases, early voting, the names are filled in on the forms and submitted as if the captive actually did the voting. As many of these individuals resided in facilities, 100 people showing the same address does not raise alarms. The place of residence is usually indicative of a nursing home or other human warehouse and not an individual office or residence.

The names submitted in the bundles, sold to the party or candidate, often times include individuals who have actually passed away. And this can be done for many years before those names are discovered or forcibly deleted from the bundle.

One of the curious things that exists in the predatory business of trafficking the elderly for profit, is the retention of the right to vote. Without an actual judge of the law, a jury, or anything resembling evidence, seniors across the country are targeted, captured and kidnapped, held in isolation and robbed of everything they ever owned including their dignity. Their identity is stolen and transferred to the new owner, the guardian. Every constitutional right or protection they may have thought they possessed is stripped from them. They are now chattel; movable property and goods.

Having suffered a civil death, they are not allowed to speak in their own defense. They may not marry, enter into contracts, buy or sell anything or to access or manage their own financial affairs. Their personal attorneys are fired by the hearing examiner and replaced with one most often very friendly with the tribunal inner circle. These attorneys have no intentions whatsoever of protecting or defending their newly acquired client, but they too, get to tap the victims estate along with everyone else.

For some reason, when all other rights are stripped from them, many are allowed to keep their right to vote. Now that seemed really strange to me. If you are so demented, so suffering from diminished capacity, would you actually be thinking about voting? After all, according to that predator who is in the process of stealing your life from you, you are a blithering idiot.

And make no mistake, both party’s engage in buying bundled votes. Regardless of which politically biased MSM talking head is spinning the story, both party’s participate in buying what they know to be “dead votes”. Anything to win, especially if you are the least qualified or desirable candidate for the office at stake.