By: Joanne Bougalis

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 ” I have a warrant out for my arrest because I saved my mother from criminals. The warrant was put out by the same judge and guardian that stole my mother’s freedom and her estate.”


What I am about to share with you is unbelievable, yet it is happening around the world. It is the best kept secret of white collar criminals.

I invite you to view my website below that chronicles my and my mother’s story of horrific abuse by the probate / family courts in the United States, which forced us to flee to Greece for our safety and our lives.

I helped my mother escape a fraudulent guardianship in which a judge forced her to give up all of her rights, forced her into an institution where she was drugged and isolated, and forced her to forfeit her entire estate, including her homes and companies to a corrupt guardian that is unrelated to the family. To conceal their crimes, the predators label their theft of her human and civil rights “in her best interest.” There was nothing wrong with my mother. She was simply wealthy and vulnerable due to age, becoming a widow, and trusting two of her own corrupt children. My mother and I made an extraordinary escape in 2016 and now live in exile in Greece. She is originally from Greece. We are both American and Greek citizens. Had I not taken my mother, she would not be alive today. She lost everything to guardianship; I lost everything to save her.

We left with the clothes on our backs leaving our children, grandchildren, homes and our lives behind. After months of hiding, we arrived in Greece with the help of friends, relatives, complete strangers, and the kindness of a representative at the Greek Embassy who granted us emergency passports for our safety.

Guardianship was intended to protect vulnerable people. Instead, people and their families are victimized: forced into a vulnerable position with no escape, and left completely destitute and destroyed as human beings.

This ‘protection’ has become a mutli-billion dollar racketeering enterprise through the corrupt probate / family courts (tribunals) that involves judges, attorneys, doctors, social workers, elder advocates, and politicians.

Fraudulent guardianships are happening in almost every country with the exception of a few such as Mexico and Greece. The elderly and disabled are forced into guardianships (both government and private) where all their rights are taken away – they become dead under the law. Gaining guardianship over a person has become so easy that virtually all citizens in many countries are vulnerable to being preyed upon. The systemic scheme is to ISOLATE (force into an institution & eliminate family contact), MEDICATE (to an early death), STEAL THE ESTATE (entirely, even after death through a corrupt probate process), and CREMATE (the evidence).

Most people die alone, torn from their home and family. Families suffer tremendously as they are left helpless – forced to watch criminals steal their parent’s life, life’s work, and family legacy – and forced to lose all of their own assets to fight for their loved one to no avail. Often, family members are denied visits with their loved one, as I was. In these abusive guardianships, family is excluded from end of life visits with their loved one and denied knowledge of their loved one’s death, burial or cremation.

No one helps the victims. Rarely does anyone escape guardianship except through death. Our story is similar to the 1.5 million guardianship stories in the US alone, and similar to the horror stories worldwide. What sets our story apart is that we accomplished an international escape. Also I am a Disabled American Veteran who served my country, a country that won’t protect me or my mother. We cannot return to the United States or we will both be locked up. My mother will be seized by the court-appointed guardian, institutionalized against her will, and forcibly isolated and drugged leading her to an early death.

I have a warrant out for my arrest because I saved my mother from criminals. The warrant was put out by the same judge and guardian that stole my mother’s freedom and her estate.

  • My father was a Disabled Veteran whose estate was valued in the millions; his life’s work and that of my mother has been completely stolen.

  • My mother’s annual income (not including her assets behind that income) is $500,000 of which she recieves ZERO.

  • I supported my mother on my veteran’s disability check from May 2016 when we escaped until a few months ago when she finally received her social security check, $1,400 per month or $16,800 annually.

  • The guardian has paid himself as much as $126,000 income a year to oversee her estate and he collects her two retirement checks from the jobs she worked!

  • My mother through her estate is currently forced to pay $300,000 a year in US taxes, yet the government will not help her regain her life or her estate.

  • Victims are ignored while the perpetrators utilize pay-offs under the table using the victim’s funds.

  • The U.S. President, State Attorney Generals, Politicians and Law Enforcement turn a blind eye.

  • Professionals that attempt to side with the victims are fired or purposely disgraced in their career (this happened to an investigator in our case).

  • Law enforcement gets involved only when a child attempts to save their parent from the criminal racket; the police refuse to pursue the fraudulent guardians since guardianship is a ‘civil matter.’

  • Family members have been criminally charged for ‘kidnapping’ their parent from these horrific situations.

    My mother and I were fortunate to escape.

Despite several notifications of my mother’s location and well-being, the guardian continues to report her as ‘missing.’ This is advantageous to the guardian because after 4 years he can legally declare her as dead, ‘death in absentia,’ and start the probate process that will allow him to rapidly liquidate and steal her entire estate. We are currently taking steps to try to prevent this.

My website below is in both English and Greek. I speak Greek but am not proficient at reading and writing. Our story (on my website) is currently in the process of being published by two separate authors in their upcoming books on this topic. A Greek news story would be highly promoted in both the United States and Australia. Both countries have strong anti-guardianship organizations with far reaching world-wide influence.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours Sincerely,

Joanne Bougalis / Ioanna Bougali