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Lisa S. Belanger's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, sunglasses, car, selfie and closeupLisa Belanger:  Mother, Wife, Whistleblower, Activist,

In what has to be the prime example as to why “self policing” of agencies and organizations is nothing more than a protection racket, we expose the ongoing retaliation, malfeasance and abuse of power taking place in Massachusetts as the Bar Board of Overseers continues its attacks on Atty. Lisa Belanger.  Lisa has battled with members of this Board who were instrumental in the targeting, isolation and conversion of Marvin Siegle’s estate.

Lisa filed two RICO suits against several members of the BAR Association based on information obtained from public records showing a clear pattern of racketeering, with the intent to profit from the estates of vulnerable individuals by these same individuals.  The federal judge receiving these suits refused to even acknowledge the fact that these were RICO filings and summarily dismissed them after claiming they were “too verbose”….meaning there were just too many words for her to be bothered with.

This story is a perfect example of why “self policing”, in other words setting up an in-house protection racket designed to prevent any one belonging to this racket, being held accountable for wrong-doing, and why they should be outlawed.  The apparent conflict of interest in this case is staggering.  Two of the same attorney’s involved with her case sit on this same protection racket board.  These members also fabricated false allegations against Lisa and used other smear tactics to discredit her.  At stake?  A 9 million dollar estate which has been fully converted by the predators.

This is what happens to attorney’s who won’t play the game.  And, it is the same thing that is happening to thousands of families across the country who find themselves subjected to these closed union shops called BAR Associations and their in house protection rackets that have subverted the judicial system.