Author: OldReb


Doom and gloom are appearing with increased frequency in U.S. and global financial writings but specific details of a potential economic catastrophe are never given. Let us speculate on what could happen in the United States.

Is a view into an economic catastrophe available ?

ANSWER: Sure, that is easy. Read what has happened to Greece and Argentina. William Blum, John Perkins, and Chossudovsky give many more examples. Bank deposits have been seized; pensions have been wiped out; jobs have been terminated; real estate and assets are selectively confiscated; the economy crashes; national assets are sold at fire-sale prices to financiers; financiers must approve every government action; etc. The same New York City parties, and their proxies, are repeatedly involved.

How might it be handled in the U.S. ?

ANSWER: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York City will handle it. They have exclusive handling of funds to redeem Treasury securities—as a fiscal agent for the government. They will select who gets funds which the government has available. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

Who will benefit from the crash?

ANSWER: Primary Dealers currently receive >$10 trillion annually for redeeming Treasury securities. Some of them were involved in creating the Federal Reserve. The concept that they hold ownership of the Board of Governors, in a closely held corporation that does not have to file with the SEC, should not be overlooked. Furtive acts abound in the creation of the Fed. Their derivatives creations have obtained super-priority status in bankruptcy.
The BOG has administrative and regulatory control of the 12 FR bank franchises. [Two FR banks have been held to be private corporations for the issues at bar—which is irrelevant.] The FR system will be used to the owners’ benefit; i.e., it is assured the favored PD will obtain Treasuries for pennies but demand face value from the government. Ref.

Have the involved entities abused their position of trust in the past ?
ANSWER: Sure. They are labeled conspiracy theories and have been available for decades—but not from the MSM. Ref. Even the NY Times is now acknowledging the existence of a Deep State—and touts it as a benefit for society.

But cannot the U.S. merely print more money ?
ANSWER: The FR has received legislation that permits them to practice ‘fractional reserves’ (without margin requirements) and call it QE or non QE. The credit extension, which is identified as a loan, has been used to rescue the banking system from bogus instruments they created. That option does not have to be used to rescue the government. Book-entry money for the government to spend involves ‘new cash’ securities which are auctioned as a percentage component of roll-over securities; i.e., the funds are commingled but the new cash money cannot go to the government. If the securities cannot be sold, it appears the government will not be credited book-entry money. The decision appears to be in the hands of the Fed. The Fed deliberately contracted the economy in the 1930’s to pull gold and gold certificates out of circulation to allow unrestricted inflation. The plight of the nation was of no concern to Wall Street. Congressional hearings have confirmed financiers do not consider sympathy as a factor when a pound of flesh is available.

Are the actions of the above parties lawful ?
ANSWER: It depends on who you ask. The Charter of the Fed stipulates all “net profit” of the Fed belongs to the government yet it appears unknown owners of the BOG receive $3 billion daily. The “new cash” from the auctions of Treasury securities, that is handled by the FRBNY, strangely disappears. The relevant accounts have never been audited—they would be client/PD accounts, not operational accounts. Nor is any consideration from potential recipients apparent. It appears the GAO, which has authority to audit the handling of any government funds, could audit the relevant auction accounts managed by the FRBNY upon direction of any congressional committee or the President.
Also, the structure of the Fed develops a National Debt obligation that, mathematically, is impossible to culminate. A contract that cannot be culminated is an act of fraud and is void from its inception.

The public is witnessing a multitude of assaults on Constitutional Rights and provisions. Some people contend that Due Process Rights [such as to Privacy] should not be available to any person that is (currently) elected to the office of President, but they would not support legislation that would deny those same rights to ALL individuals [and their spouses, family members, and any connected financial entity] elected (as a privilege granted by the people) to a public office. [The demand for Trump’s tax records appears to be an ex post facto law.

The abrogation of all Constitutional Right and the Sovereignty of the People, as has been witnessed in Greece and Argentina by financial entities, is the ultimate goal of the “Deep State” with the establishment of a feudal tyranny under their control. All other is a measure of the progression.