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Guest will be: Val Silver– Award-winning Author, a healer, and a holistic wellness educator. Animal welfare advocate

TOPIC: NEW BOOK READY TO BE PUBLISHED BY VAL SILVER (AUTHOR) : One Creation Under God: Wisdom Teachings on Divine, Human, and Animal Relationships in the Sacred Circle of Life

Spurred by the desire for answers, Val Silver embarked on an inquiry to discover who we are and how we are meant to interact with our fellow beings. In One Creation Under God, she brings readers on this journey with her through ancient traditions, history, the sacred writings of world religions, and modern science to discover insights into the nature of our connections with the Divine, humanity, and creatures of all kinds. This interactive book challenges common misconceptions about our rights, roles, and responsibilities in the circle of life and encourages readers to enliven their wise, empathetic nature in order to co-create a kind, sustainable world where all can flourish on planet Earth.

“Over thousands of years, sages and prophets spoke out against animal cruelty and living out of harmony with the natural world, the Divine, and each other. This book, One Creation Under God, gives voice to the ancient ones, modern-day researchers, and spiritual teachers who have spoken on Oneness, the sentience and intelligence of our fellow Earthlings, and the scriptural mandates across wisdom traditions to treat all persons in the circle of life, regardless of form, with respect and compassion. Just as their voices carried across the millennia, it is time for us to join our voices with theirs, to speak up for the oppressed and exploited, and to do what we can to promote a healthy, peaceful world where all can flourish.” – Debbie Dahmer, Animal Advocates Radio, “Voices Carry for Animals”

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