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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


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I’m gonna be as clear as I can , I’m no politician so I have no slick words or campaign coordinators to help me. I will call it like I see it!

If you don’t want a politician to represent you vote for the same old people. But I will call out all the dirty, corrupt people in This district and do my hardest to make sure that they go to jail if possible! I don’t have all the answers to everything, but I do know I’m tired of being ignored and not represented by these bums!” ~ Carl Jameson

Get inside of the heart and soul of this Veteran, whose brother was murdered in cold blood, and first hand- experienced Constitutional violations and justice denied, as his family and countless others in Oklahoma, and throughout our country continue to be bled out while negligent career politicians stand by- and do nothing.

Tonight’s show will be engaging and encouragement for all those fed up with public corruption.

We will discuss what his county is in the thick of, including current affairs in a Wetumka, Calvin, Pittsburgh and more. We welcome your calls. Our show tonight is 90 minutes.