TS Radio Network: Court Appointed Serial Killers & Others Who Stalk the Elderly

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that many so-called “professional guardians” are in actuality serial killers.  Two recent examples of this were Rebecca Fierle in Florida, and April Parks in Las Vegas.  Both were found to have stored and kept the cremated ashes of their victims just as other serial killers keep trophies from their kills to help them relive their pleasure in their crimes.  How many other “professional guardians” are keeping trophies?

Cohorts in Crime

Referred to as “Angels of Death”, many nurses and caregivers are serial killers who are sadistic and take pleasure in ending the lives of the elderly and others.  Lacking any sense of compassion or regard for human life, they kill with efficiency.  Hiding behind professional titles or, working one on one in a care setting, these people cause untold numbers of deaths.

Claiming their victims are suffering and that toxic drugs are needed in massive doses, the patient is rendered unable to complain.  Soft sounding words to the family and friends includes phrases such as, “They have dementia…they forgot how to swallow”.  Or how about, …”You don;t want them to suffer do you?”  (Now there’s a guilt trip for you!) never mind that the person telling you that is the same person who contributed to the suffering.

These individuals appear to have a pathological interest in their perceived power over life and death. They most always situate themselves in the medical or care giving fields.  This not only provides them with the perfect cover, it also provides them a steady supply of victims.  The total lack of compassion towards their intended victim is on display as they move from room to room, victim to victim.  It is this lack of compassion and the sheer number of victims that defines them as an angel of death.

Do they kill for some sense of power? Is it money? Or do they do it simply because they can?


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