TS Radio Network: Whistleblower’s! Carrie Devorah …Ponzi scams & the SEC

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Join us Wednesday Wednesday evening September 18. 2019 at 7:00 pm CST!

5:00 pm PST…6:00 pm MST…7:00 pm CST…8:00 pm EST

Listen live (HERE)

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Hosted by Marti Oakley


Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit  in Washington D.C.


Sentencing of Dawn Bennett 20 years Federal prison, her co-conspirator to 30 months Federal prison. Heartbreaking to sit at a sentencing hearing the day after I was acknowledged as a Whistleblower on SEC and FINRA.  At the Whistleblowers Summit in July of 2019, I was acknowledged for exposing this scam. It was a hollow success. People had still been hurt.

It was heartbreaking for me to be sitting in on the sentencing hearing where I heard heartbreaking realities of elderly men and women (victims of Dawn Bennett).  I told the SEC ten years earlier in 2010, Dawn Bennett was running a scam.  It wasn’t that the SEC did nothing all these years. The SEC did something just not for Investors. What the SEC did was to protect the Securities Broker Dealer firms- only.

The ponzi scammer the SEC asked me to whistleblow on in 2010 was sentenced in Federal Court, Greenbelt MD, to 20 years, Federal prison. She had been sitting in jail, pre trial since 8-2017. She had been extradited from New Mexico to Maryland. Her crimes were largely in DC

Because it was the Feds who arrested her, the counts were limited to federal counts. She was charged on 17 counts. She was sentenced on all 17 counts 10-17-2018.  Dawn Bennett, had one co conspirator only, charged alongside her- Bradley Mascho, a 5% co owner. She had two co-owners. I had turned in all members of her firm, the Investment Advisory Firm, Western International Securities and the Clearing House- JP Morgan… et al. I named all names I knew. Two people only were charged in a state the crimes were not largely conducted in. Wall Street knew, doing so, would/could mitigate charges.
They did not count on me.
Fast forward 7-31-2019, I am at the sentencing hearing. Victims if they chose to, appeared and spoke to their criminal adversary. Lets be real, elderly, sick victims, out of state, even more local for the most part don’t attend. I did come up with novel ways the victims could participate ie by video. I did cc the USG and US attorneys on my communications to the victims.
Victims did come detailing how Dawn Bennett broke their lives. There are many stories.

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